Zinc sheet

Zinc sheet: Robust, durable and visually appealing

Zinkblechen is a commonly used building material that can be used in numerous different forms for very different purposes. If there is talk of zinc sheets today, sheets are meant in most cases sheet titanium.

Titanzink is characterized by its longevity, among other things. This zinc sheets make it easy for a lifespan of 40 years and more. Apart from that, Titanzink is extremely robust and can not least score with an appealing optics. These features make zinc sheets for a good choice for outdoor use.

the most important thing about zinc sheets at a glance

  • Zinc sheets are ideal for outdoor use thanks to their robustness and weather resistance.

  • If you're talking about zinc sheets, these are mostly titanium tanzink sheets.

  • Zinc sheets can be used, among other things, as a roofing and as part of the roof drainage system.

  • Zinc sheets over time receive a characteristic gray patina that has already been artificially produced in pre-weathered sheets.

  • to give him another look and To protect it in addition to the weather, zinc plate can also be painted if necessary.

  • Zinc sheets can be processed very well and can for example also soldered easily.

Zinc sheets for the roof

Zinc sheets are used, among other things, as a building material for roofs. For example, they can be used there in the form of standing folding plates as an alternative to roof tiles. Apart from that, there are also different sheets from zinc, or titanium to many tile roofs.

In this case, the sheets are then usually a part of the roof drainage or serving the sealing of areas into which water could penetrate water without a suitable panel, which would inevitably lead to moisture damage on the building.

Among other things, the following roof tits may be zinc sheets:

  • kehlbleche

  • Traubleche

  • Ortlichtbleche

  • Wall connection sheets

Zinc sheets as a lard

The area where two roof slopes at their lowest point meet, is referred to as throat. In order to reliably close the gap existing there and derive the rainwater accumulating there for the gutter therein, the throat is usually provided with a so-called lard. As with other roof tits, it can also be a zinc plate in the throat plate.

Zinc sheets as a sustain plate

The sustain plate is attached to the edge of the roof. It ensures that the water can not get under the roof there, but flows into the rain trough as intended. If the gutter is made of titanium, it makes sense to use also trolley from zinc.

Zinc sheets as a location plate

The visible part of the gable-side roof termination is referred to as a location. It consists of the most houses of wood and is known to be quite sensitive to leaks and other damage. For many buildings, it is therefore provided with a location sheet as a protection where it can be done, among other things, a zinc plate.

Titanzink wall connection sheets

The transitions between the roof slopes and vertical components, such as belts, are also prone to penetrating moisture. Therefore, so-called wall connection sheets are usually mounted on them. These may be zinc sheets or even sheets from another suitable metal.

Zinc plate delete

Zinc sheet is a popular building material for outdoor use due to its weather resistance and longevity. It is not only used when bottling roofs. In addition, for example, gutters and downpipes are widely used from titanium zinc.

Basically, it is not mandatory to paint zinc sheets to ensure a long service life. However, a gray patina is created on the material over time. While some homeowners appreciate this property, it represents an undesirable optical blemish for others.

If the formation of typical patina is prevented or maybe just set a colored accent, zinc sheets can be easily deleted. For this purpose, the sheets are first purified, with a so-called wetting agent, by which the color is adhered to the paint in the stroke better, and then rinsed off. As soon as the zinc sheets are dried, the primer and then finally the actual paint can be applied.

What is preheated zinc sheet?

Sheets of zinc, or titanium zinc first have a light gray surface with a matt gloss. Over time, however, on its surface forms a layer of zinc carbonate, which gives the material its characteristic gray patina.

Some manufacturers also offer preheated zinc sheet. In this, the oxidation is artificially brought about until the surface of the sheet has reached the desired coloring. The pre-weathered zinc sheet has the advantage that the artificially formed patina protects the metal. In addition, the sheet retains its color and thus does not change its appearance after mounting.

Can you solder zinc sheet?

To the big advantages of zinc sheet counts, among other things, the fact that it can be processed very well. Components made of zinc sheet can also be soldered and reliably connected in this way.

Since only the solder is melted, the zinc sheets remain completely intact during soldering. To counteract corrosion, it may still be useful to treat the soldered areas then with a corrosion protection.

Regardless of this, it is of course important to work as accurately and carefully when soldering the zinc sheets. But if this is ensured, a clean and consistent connection of the sheets is nothing in the way.

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