Lawn Edging Narrow

Narrow lawns for the modern garden design


A poet, green lawn is an absolute must for many hobby gardeners. So that the edge areas of the lawn area make a well-kept impression, it is recommended to lay a lawn charge as a limitation.


With our narrow corners, they decide for this purpose for a high-quality and weather-resistant solution, which can also be installed by inexperienced garden owners without great difficulties and offers many advantages compared to the stone race or concrete.


narrow lawns in different colors


Our narrow lawns are available in different colors. You therefore have the choice and can choose the color variant that matches your idea and best matches the rest of your garden.


Your most important advantages with our narrow lawns at a glance:


  • durable and weather resistant

  • ideal for limiting beds, garden routes and lawns

  • simple and flexible installation without expensive special tools

  • available in different colors for an individual garden design

  • matching accessories like ground anchor separately available in the shop

  • premium quality at fair prices


narrow lawns for flexible purposes


Our narrow lawns are extremely versatile. Because they are well suited not only as a grass limit. In addition, for example, you can use them to limit their floral or vegetable boots as well as garden paths.


In this way, on the one hand, they avoid plants and grasses uncontrollably in adjacent areas and, on the other hand, take care of the high-quality, narrow lawns for an appealing optical division of their garden.


Narrow corners buy online


Order the narrow rods in the desired number and color as well as matching accessories such as ground anchor comfortably in our shop and let your new lawn limits deliver quickly and reliably.