Wall copings

Wall covers: important for the look and life of the wall


An optically appealing wall cover may of course be missing on no wall. The selection of different shapes and materials is great. There should therefore be no too much problem, a suitable wall cover that meets your ideas.


The most important thing about wall cover at a glance


  • A wall cover contributes to an appealing overall picture of the wall.

  • Without cover it would cause damage to the wall by precipitation and frost.

  • Wall cover plates are available from natural stone and concrete.

  • If you choose a wall cover made of sheet metal, can be used, for example, between aluminum, Titanzink and stainless steel.

  • For a best possible protection of the masonry, the wall cover should survive slightly on the sides.

  • It gives wall cover plates in the form of flat roofs, desk roofs and saddle roofs.


Why a wall cover is not missing


A garden wall serves as a stylish limitation of the own property and protects against the priest view of neighbors and passers-by at the appropriate height. A specialized garden wall is easily holding several decades, so that normally not too soon larger repairs or even a new construction are required.


To ensure the longest possible life of the wall, it is advisable to provide you with a suitable wall cover. Because this ensures not only for an optically appealing degree. In addition, it also prevents moisture into the masonry and damage it with time.


Wall covers from different materials


If you want to provide your garden wall with a cover, you have different ways from which you can choose. In addition to wall cover plates made of stone or concrete, you can choose, for example, for a wall cover made of sheet metal.


Stone wall cover


Many garden owners choose stone wall cover plates.

Of course, it offers to use the same stone type, from which the actual wall is also. If the wall is plastered and painted, the underlying stones play no role in choosing the wall cover.


common stone species that may consist of wall cover plates are, for example, granite, basalt and sandstone. Basically, stone slabs prove to be robust and durable. Depending on the stone type, however, there are certain differences with regard to the weather resistance of the wall coverage, which should be considered in the purchase decision.


Concrete wall cover


Besides stone slabs, wall cover plates made of concrete are widely used. Even if concrete slabs may not work as stylish, they can score points with a number of advantages. The material can be poured into any shapes and colored differently. In this way it is ensured that there is a suitable wall cover made of concrete for virtually every wall.


In addition, concrete is extremely weather-resistant and robust. Accordingly, wall cover plates made of concrete are usually very durable, which of course is undoubtedly an argument for this material.


Sheets as wall cover


Apart from natural stone and concrete, not least sheets also come as a wall cover.

Of course, these must consist of weather-resistant metals, as otherwise the life of the cover due to corrosion would be greatly limited.


In particular, sheets of aluminum, titanium or stainless steel are particularly common. Depending on the desired optics, these are also available, for example, in brushed or color-coated variants, so that the personal taste can be considered when buying.


Wall covers in the form of sheets have the advantage that they are comparatively easy to handle and allow themselves with relatively small workload. In addition, they are usually cheaper compared to wall cover plates made of natural stone and concrete. A good quality assumes you still with longevity points.


Wall covers in different shapes


Who is looking for a suitable wall cover, will find that not only different materials, but also different shapes are available.


Basically, wall covers are available in the following forms:


  • Flat roof (the surface is completely flat in this variant.)

  • Pool roof (in this variant is the wall cover on one side slightly higher, so that it has an oblique surface.)

  • Saddle roof (in wall coverings in the form of a saddle roof the surface runs together from both sides to the middle towards.)


What is to be considered when buying the wall cover?


So that the wall cover can fulfill their function as intended,

Of course, it is first important to pay attention to good quality when buying. Apart from that, it is essential that the cover is a bit wider than the actual wall.


Fast-mounted should survive about two to three centimeters on the sides. The resulting dropping edge ensures that water can adhere better and the wall is thus protected as good as possible in front of moisture.


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