Mown over Lawn Edging

Canture: Indispensable for an uncomplicated lawn care


A poet, green lawn is the pride of many hobby gardeners and a real highlight in each garden. So that the lawn maintenance succeeds well and the grass can be reduced easily in the edge area, the setting of a mower can be useful.


If you are looking for a suitable mower for your garden, you are exactly right with us. In our shop you will find a selection of high quality mowing edges, which you can easily order online and deliver.


The most important thing about mower at a glance


  • Lawn mower edges are available in different colors, shapes and sizes as well as different materials.

  • Mower edges made of natural stone or concrete are very stable and points with one Long life.

  • With a mower of metal you choose weather-resistant material and a modern design.

  • mower edges made of corten steel Convince with a rustic look and good stability.

  • Robust plastic rugged plastic can be a cost-effective and easy-to-move alternative to other materials.

  • Setting a mower is not a big challenge with a little craft skill.

  • Mower edges are also a meaningful purchase in the use of a macotary manner for lawn care.

  • Depending on what is next to the lawn, all pages must not always be provided with a mower en.

  • In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality mowing edges that you can buy online.


What is a mower?


The regular mowing of the lawn belongs to everyday life for most hobby gardeners. Finally, it is essential to ensure that the laboriously created lawn thrives optimally and makes a well-kept impression.

Of course, you want that the grass area in your garden is evenly long. So that succeeds,

Of course, you must cut the grass in the edge area.


Depending on local conditions, however, the edge of the lawn with the lawnmower can often be difficult to achieve. If he borders directly to a wall or another obstacle, there is always a strip with longer grass after mowing. Now you can of course just cut the lawn on the edge by hand. However, that costs a lot of time, which you can certainly spend otherwise much more meaningful.


The solution for this problem is called mower. This is a flat edge enclosure that you can relocate around your lawn. Due to its width, the lawn mowers ensures that there is sufficient distance between the lawn surface and the adjacent areas of the garden, so that the lawn mowers can reach and cut the grass of grass.


Apart from that, the mowing edge also serves as optical separation, which contributes to a clearer structuring of your garden. A mower is not only facilitating them the lawn care, but also represents an excellent element for the garden design.


Mower from different materials


If you want to set a mower in your garden, you will find suitable products from different materials for this purpose. Which variant is the right one depends on the design of your garden as a whole as well as your individual preferences.


When buying mower edges, you can choose between the following materials:


  • natural stone

  • concrete

  • metal

  • Cortenstahl

  • plastic


Mower from natural stone


Mower edges of natural stones such as granite are still very popular. Depending on the stone type, they offer a long service life and high stability, thanks to which they can be laid in heavily frequented areas of the garden without hesitation.


Modern is a mower from natural stone certainly not. For this, however, you can choose from a number of different stone species in different colors and shapes, so you can customize your new lawn mowspart to the appearance of your other garden.


Mowing edge made of concrete


Mower edges are not only available from natural stone, but also made of concrete. There are concrete elements in different shapes and sizes. You can also choose from a range of colors. Particularly popular are, for example, raw materials made of concrete in the colors anthracite, gray and red.


Concrete mower edges are characterized by high stability and good weatherability. If they were properly relocated, they fulfill their function easily for many years, so they do not have to expect for the foreseeable future that an exchange is required.


Mower metal


If you want a slightly more modern design for your garden, mower from metal can be a good alternative to the variants of natural stone and concrete.


High-quality metal mower edges are stainless and stable. You can also rely on the fact that your lawn mowers can score points with a long life.


Mower from cortenstahl


If you prefer a metal edge and at the same time want a rustic look, you are exactly right with a Cortenstahl model. Because on the material forms a superficial rust layer. This gives Cortenstahl not only its characteristic patina, but also ensures that the underlying metal is protected reliably before the weather.


This makes mower edges of cortene steel extremely durable. They thus also decide with this variant for a high-quality solution, where they are usually pleased for a long time.


Mowing plastic


In addition to products made of stones, concrete and metal, there are also mower plastic. This variant is usually particularly favorable in the purchase. Apart from that, plastic mower edges can usually be embarrassed very easily. Depending on the model, they can be flexibly shaped and thus easily adapted to the course of the edges of their lawn.


Even if many hobby gardeners believe that it is a low-quality material, a mower of high-quality plastic can impress with high stability and good weatherability. In principle, therefore, there is no objection to decide on the purchase of a lawn mow edge for this variant.


Set mower right


So you enjoy your new mower as long as possible, it is of course very important to properly put it. Fortunately, this is not too big a problem with a little craft skill and some tools.


The exact procedure when setting a mower can differ slightly depending on the variant and circumstances selected by you. In principle, however, the required work steps are always quite similar.


Tighten first a guideline as a mark for the future course of your mower and lift a flat trench along the string. This should be about 10 to 15 inches deeper in mower stones than the height of the stones about 10 to 15 centimeters. Now fill a layer of gravel or sand as a foundation and condense the material before inserting your mower and tighten with a rubber hammer. Check with a spirit level during setting, whether everything is straight and take adjustments if necessary.


The top edge of the lawn mow edge should be at a height with the grass scar, so you can mow the grass in the edge area with the lawnmower without problems.


Do you need a concrete foundation for the mower?


Many garden owners rely on a foundation of concrete when laying their mower.

Of course, this has quite his advantages. Finally, the concrete foundation ensures that the lawn mowers maintain their intended position particularly reliably and can not slip so easily.


mandatory, however, a foundation of concrete is not in many cases, so usually nothing speaks, simply to do without setting the mower edge.


Apart from this, a mower used in a concrete foundation has certainly some disadvantages. First of all, the setting of the lawn mowers is of course more time and work. In addition, it may happen that you want to change the course of the edges of your lawn in the future.


If you have decided to work out of concrete without working out a foundation, you do not have to dispose of the mowing edge, but you can easily remove and use it from the ground. This will save you money in the event of redesigning your lawn that you would otherwise invest in buying a new lawnmower edge.


Does the mower edge surround the complete lawn?


The task of a mower is to ensure that the mower of the lawn mower can achieve the grasshalms on the edge. So that works, it must have the right width. However, a complete border of the lawn is not always necessary.


Whether you need to set a mower on all sides of your lawn depends on what is right next to the lawn. If, for example, a garden route runs on one side, you do not need a mower there because you can easily drive on the way with the lawnmower. In this case, you can also lay a narrower rod edge there without having to have problems in mowing.


By contrast, the whole thing looks different when the lawn adjacent to Beete or is located directly next to it a wall. In this case, with your lawn mower, you can not exit at least not as far as far above the edge of the lawn. So you will only be able to mow the edge area if you have laid a sufficient width mower.


Regardless of practical benefit, it ultimately remains to give you whether you want to surrender your lawn completely with a mower edge. If you want the limits to look at all sides, do not speak about it, for example, between lawn surface and garden path a lawn mow edge.


Why a mower is a good choice for the garden design


A mowing edge brings a number of advantages. If you have a grass area in your garden and this is difficult to achieve at the edges, the laying of a lawn mow is definitely a good idea that you can benefit permanently.


A lawn mow edge offer you the following advantages:


  • Thanks to the lawn mow edge, the mowing of the edges of her lawn also succeeds without annoying and time-consuming manual work.

  • mower edges are available in numerous versions, so you can easily A variant suitable for your garden can choose.

  • A high-quality mower represents an excellent solution to optically appeal to your lawn.


What do you have to pay attention when buying a mower?


If you want to set a mower in your garden, of course you have to pay attention to some things when buying. After all, the lawn mowers should not only fulfill their function, but also as well as well as possible to fit their garden and of course offer a long life.


Think in advance, therefore, well, which material and which color are suitable for you. Depending on the design of the rest garden, a completely different mower can represent the right choice. While in some gardens a modern mower of metal makes particularly good, fits another garden, a mower of natural stone like granite fits better.


Of course, you should make sure that the lawn mows of your choice has good quality. Because even if it may be tempting to save a little money when buying, the price should not be the sole purchase criterion. Keep in mind that the weathering of a inferior mower is usually significantly added significantly and therefore you probably need to replace it earlier. As a result, a supposed bargain for the garden design often becomes an unnecessary cost factor that costs it additional time.


Mower edges for macotary robots


Time is precious and not every gardenowner feels like mowing his lawn itself. Therefore, it does not surprise that Moror Boats enjoy greater popularity. Because the practical garden helpers take over the annoying lawn care reliably and ensure that the grass always has the perfect length.


Just like a conventional lawnmower, a macotary robot has normally difficulty mowing the edge areas of the lawn. Using a suitable mower, however, you can avoid this and make sure that the lawn robot can do its work without problems.


So that the mower can fulfill their function, it is necessary that they have the right width. What exactly does that depend on your Moror Boat. Because the distance between the mower and the outer edge of the body can be different depending on the model differently, which must be considered in the choice of the lawnmower edge.


For devices with a so-called edge mode, the mower can certainly also be a bit narrower than with a device that does not have such a function. Regardless, when planning the lawn mowing edge, it is helpful if you already have a macotary robot and therefore know exactly what width you need. If that is not the case, it sometimes makes sense to put a slightly wider edge of the mourney, so it will not cause any problems when using the lawn robot.


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