Foliage protection

Foliage protection for gutters


Without suitable rain-gutter protection, it can not be avoided that foliage and other foreign bodies collect in the gutter over time. So that it does not come to a constipation of the pipes, the attachment of a foliage protection on the gutter is urgently recommended.


Foliage protection for gutters: What needs to be considered?


If you want to buy a foliage protection for your gutter, you will quickly find that the selection is great and you have to decide accordingly between very different solutions.


However, that does not mean that the choice of rain gutter protection is completely up to you. For the foliage protection can fulfill its purpose, it is important that it fits both the roof and the gutter itself.


In this context, the following factors play a role in particular:


  • Type of gutter

  • Size of the gutter

  • Gutter material

  • Type of roof


Type of gutter


If your gutter is a semi-circular model, you can protect them either with a semi-round grid, a gutter rape or a net before foliage. On the other hand, it is a box trough, you can not use a gutter rape or a half-round grid than foliage protection.


Size of the gutter


So that the rain gutter protection achieves the desired effect, it is necessary to buy it in a suitable for the size of the gutter design. Rain gutters are normally available in different standard sizes. For gutters for garden houses, however, this is not always the case, which is why you need to pay close attention to the right size.


Material of the gutter


While gutters made of plastic can be provided with a foliage protection from any materials, that is not always the case with metal milling channels. Because there are quite materials that can not be agreed and therefore should not be used together. This applies, for example, for iron or zinc with copper.


Type of roof


Last but not least, when buying a rainwater protection, it also applies to note the design of the roof. For example, the roof tiles spread a piece into the gutter for example. A half-round, upwardly curved grid, you can not install as foliage protection in this case. Instead, you need a flat rainwater protection that you can mount under the bricks.


Grid as a foliage protection for gutters


A grid protects your gutter especially reliably from foliage and other pollution. Gutter protectors are optionally made of plastic or metal available. There are also both flat and semicircular form.


When purchasing, make sure that the protective grille fits its gutter and make sure that there are no gaps on both sides of the gutter, through which foreign bodies can get into the gutter.


Gutter brushes as foliage protection and for bird defense


It's not uncommon that birds use gutters than nesting sites. To prevent this, a gutter brush is very well suited. As the name suggests, it is actually a kind of long brush that is placed in the gutter.


Gutter brushes are sometimes referred to as a gutter worn. In the appropriate size, they prove to be reliable foliage protection and at the same time help with bird defense. However, it is necessary from time to time to remove foliage from the gutter brush. Also keep in mind that this form of foliage protection does not protect your gutter well from needles of needle trees and other external bodies in a similar size.


Networks as rain gutter protection


In addition to robust bars and clutter worship, you can also use a rain gutter protection in the form of a simple plastic network. If you pay attention to a good quality when buying and carefully approached during assembly, you can normally rely on a lifetime for such a foliage protection.


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