Snow guard grids

Snow captain: Important protection for the winter


When it's snowing and cold enough in winter, snow remains inevitably snow on house roofs. In order to prevent greater snowmen from slipping at once and damaging vehicles parked in front of the house or even hurting passers-up passers-up, the assembly of a suitable snow-case system is often useful.


Especially often come to this purpose snow-catching grid, which are attached to the edge of the roof, for use. Their assembly is not too complicated and high-quality snowmakers can score with a long life.


The most important thing about snow-catching lattice at a glance


  • Snow-catching grid prevent the uncontrolled slippage of snow in the form of so-called roof laves.

  • There is no Germany's duty to assemble a snow-catching system.

  • However, since snow-catching systems are prescribed in some regions, homeowners should inform themselves about the requirements in their municipality.

  • Regardless of the on-site applicable Provisions is often useful to attach a snow-catch grid to avoid material and personal injury.

  • Who does not suit the assembly of snow-catchers, should be assigned a roofer with it.

  • In addition to snow-catching systems in lattice form there are also snow-catching hooks, snow-catching tubes and snow-catch bars.

  • Common materials used to make snow-catchers are, for example Titanzink, aluminum zinc and hot-dip galvanized steel.


Must be equipped with a snow-catcher?


Basically, there is no generally valid law, which explicitly prescribes homeowners explicitly the assembly of snow-catchers. However, in some of the federal states or individual municipalities, there may be appropriate regulations that provide a commitment to attaching a suitable snow-case system.


Apart from that, homeowners should remember that they are also responsible for the so-called traffic safety of their house without unambiguous specifications regarding the assembly of snow-catchers for the so-called traffic safety.


This means that they are obliged to prevent avoidable dangers assuming the building. This also includes roof lavuins not least. For this reason alone, the assembly of a snow-catcher is definitely recommended for houses without front yard.


Alternatives to snow ski in grid form


Snow feathritters are not the only available snow-catching systems. Apart from that, for example, so-called snowstopper are available. Snowstopper are also referred to as snow hooks and installed distributed at certain intervals on the complete roof. On the one hand, they distribute the weight of the snow more evenly and, on the other, ensure that he does not slip down in larger quantities from the roof, but instead controlled vanity.


The assembly of snow hooks makes sense especially for very steep roofs. In addition, especially in regions with a lot of snow, it offers you to combine with snow-catchers and thus provide optimal protection against rooftops.


Besides bars and hooks, there are also snow-catching systems in the form of pipes and beams. Both variants work similarly to a snow-catch grid and are also mounted using suitable brackets at the edge of the roof. Snow trains are tubes made of metal, which usually have a diameter of 30 to 35 millimeters. In order to avoid the departure of roof lavuins, two parallel snowmittreines are mounted on the brackets.


Snow-catch bars are basically snow-catching tubes. However, with a diameter of 120 millimeters or more, they are significantly thicker, and therefore, in contrast to pipes, only a snow-catch beam is mounted. Incidentally, the snowball holders can not only be equipped with thick metal pipes, but also with round beams made of plastic.


What to look for when buying snow-catchers?


It is important that the snow-catching lattices of their choice have good quality and have sufficient stability. Finally, in strong snowfall, you sometimes have to carry a very high load. It is therefore a little useful to make the purchase decision just dependent on the price and then need to replace the snow tray system after a few years.


A high-quality snow trap is characterized by high stability and good weatherability. Common materials that usually ensure a long life are, for example, aluminum zinc, hot-dip galvanized steel or even titanium.


Depending on the desired appearance, snow-catching hooks and snow-catching grilles together with their brackets can of course also be purchased in colored variants or can be painted with a suitable color, to fit optically for the rest roof and the roof drainage system.


Properly mount the snow tray


The assembly of snow-catchers is uncomplicated. The subsequent attachment also does not constitute a problem. If you do not care for yourself due to the height or work, you can and should commission a roofer with the installation of the snowmail grid. It is known from the outset that a snow capacity system is required, it is of course useful to install this already when covering the roof.


The snow-catching grids are mounted near the edge of the roof. For this purpose, they are attached to the roof with corresponding brackets. Since these are screwed to the roof sink, some bricks must be removed during their assembly.


The actual snow-catcher is hung in the brackets, aligned and then also fixed with screws. So that the snow-catching system can fulfill its function, it is of course important that the grids have the appropriate length. It is therefore advisable to reject in advance if the exact width of the roof should not be known.


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