Rain barrel

Regent tons: inexpensive and robust water reservoirs for the garden


In the warm months of the year you will not get past the plants in your garden regularly. Of course, you can easily use tap water for this purpose. However, this is expensive and also with regard to the environment is not a good idea.


It is therefore useful to set up one or more regent tons instead and to collect the water necessary for casting.


Why A Regentonne is missing in no garden


  • With a regentonne you can save money when pouring your garden.

  • a rainfass helps to reduce the unnecessary consumption of drinking water.

  • rainwater tons are available in numerous sizes and shapes for each garden.

  • rainwater is usually better for plants as water out of the line .

  • a high-quality rainon, as you find them in our shop, scores with a long life.


Rainwater from the ton is better for the plants


Apart from the fact that water is a scarce good and the garden irrigation with tap water causes additional costs, there is another reason that speaks for collecting rainwater.


The water, which comes out in Germany, has drinking water quality. However, it occasionally contains small amounts of chlorine and is often quite calcareous. Both represents a disadvantage for the plants in their garden, which they can easily avoid the casting with rainwater.


Since it is not known to rain every day, but it is necessary for this purpose that you collect enough water if you give the weather the opportunity to do it. By setting up a sufficient number of regent tons, the notification of your garden will not be a problem for your garden in the future.


Rainbows in any size


If you want to buy a regentonne, you have the choice between different major models. While small water barrels have a capacity of just 100 liters, especially large rainbows offer enough space to collect up to 1,000 liters of rainwater.


What size is the right thing in your case. Of course, mainly depends on the size of your garden as well as the space available for setting up. Maybe a single regentonne with 200 or 300 liters of capacity is sufficient. Maybe they also need several rainbows with a volume of 500 liters each to collect enough water for their plants.


Regentonne square or round?


If you want to buy new regent tons, you can not only choose between different sizes. In addition, they are also prior to deciding whether they want to have a square rainonne or rather prefer lap water barrels. There is no right or wrong with this question. Ultimately, it is completely up to you what form your new rainfass should have.


If you like a square rainonne better or you can place it easier to place your intended location, you are right with this variant. Especially narrow, angular rule tunes, in this case, prove to be a space-saving solution that can rely on the garden owners. Otherwise, however, you can also buy ranking rainwater tons as well and set it as water reservoirs in your garden.


Rainbows in different colors


Apart from the size and shape, you can also choose from different colors when buying your new regent tons. For example, gray or anthracite-colored regent tons are popular. In addition, there are still blue and green rainbows to the classics found in many gardens.


Anyone who likes it a little faded can also choose from various unusual shapes and, for example, buy regent tons in the optics of a wine barrel. Depending on the style of your own garden, such a model can prove to be a great optical highlight.


Set up Regentonne: What needs to be considered?


If you want to equip your garden with rain barrels, you do not need a separate permission from the construction office or other authority for this purpose. You may easily set up your regent tons after the purchase on a suitable place in your garden.


Make sure the ground under the ton is as firm as possible and flat. If you do not set up the rainfass straight on your terrace, it may be reasonable to lay some floor slabs on the intended stand or to compact the soil if necessary.


Of course, regardless of this, it offers to place the rainwater tons near the house wall, so that you can be filled with rainwater with rainwater using a rainwater collector directly via the fall tube of the gutter. Otherwise, it will hardly succeed in collecting a sufficient amount of water with your rainfall.


Must be emptied regent tons in winter?


High-quality regent tons are normally frost-proof and can therefore remain in the garden even with minus grades. Nevertheless, you should always be completely emptied at the beginning of the winter. Because when the water freezes in rainforce, it expands. This can certainly lead to unnecessary damage even in very robust tons and, accordingly, requiring premature new acquisition.


Buy regent tons


Rainwater tons belong to the absolute basic equipment of each garden. If you need a new rainforce, you will find in our shop. We offer you a selection of robust water tons in different designs.


Buy the regentonne of your choice cheap with us in the shop and let your order deliver comfortable home, so you can soon start collecting rainwater for your plants.