Water spout

Tillage: A very special eye-catcher for your own garden


Gargoyles are an excellent way to enrich your own garden with a great eye-catcher. Depending on the version, for example, they can be used as a decoration for the garden pond or even as a unique wall well.


Water Cerey for Wall Fountain


Water spiers are figures used as a decorative water outlet. They were already used before hundreds of years for sources and fountains. Since they were added to them then protecting forces, they sometimes are still referred to today as a well guard.


Previously, water spins were usually mystical beings that should protect the valuable water sources by their fearing appearance.


Such figures are still available to buy. However, most modern gargoyles look much friendlier and, for example, have the shape of a sun, a star or animal head. Finally, today it is no longer about having to keep angry powers away. Instead, a gargoyle simply serves simply and easy to evaluate an existing wall well.


Gargoyle for garden ponds


In addition to water spins, which are used as a water outlet for wall wells, there are also numerous models that can be set up on or in garden ponds.


Most are animal figures, such as frogs, birds or turtles. Whoever likes to make it particularly striking, for his garden pond, for example, but also gargoyles in the form of angels or antique gods.


The water supply is done directly from the garden pond using a suitable pump or hoses, so that the gargoyle does not consume additional water. Apart from that, gargoyle in ponds also fulfill a practical purpose. Because they help with the oxygen enrichment of the water, which has a positive effect on the growth of water plants in the basin.


Gargoyle for every taste


If you are looking for a gargoyle, you will quickly find that you can choose between completely different models as well as different sizes and materials.


Particularly popular are, for example, gargoyle made of cast iron. Apart from this, models made of stone or ceramics are also available.


The chances are therefore well to find a gargoyle that suits both the rest appearance of the garden as well as the personal taste of the buyer.


Buy water gap


In our online shop you will find different high-quality gargets, with which you can skillfully set accents when designing your garden. Buy the gargoyle of your choice directly online and look forward to a very special eye-catcher, which will be guaranteed to inspire.