Palilades: Versatile solution for garden design

Palisades are ideal for the design of the garden. Whether for the optical division of the front yard or as a practical clearance of queten - Palisades, hobby gardeners offer many possibilities. Finally, they are available in very different shapes, colors and sizes as well as from a range of different materials.

As a garden owner, you have the choice and can buy exactly the palisades that best fit your project and exactly match your personal ideas as possible.

If you want to buy palisades for your garden, you will find a selection of high-quality products in our shop, which you can easily order online and deliver directly to your desired address.

The most important thing about palisades at a glance

  • Palisades are available in different shapes and sizes, so garden owners have a wide selection.

  • palisades are made of wood, concrete, plastic and natural stone, how, for example, granite,

  • wooden palisades are very popular, but require regular care as protection against the weather.

  • granite and concrete palisades are particularly stable and accordingly offer a very long life.

  • plastic palisades points, among other things with low costs and good weatherability.

  • When setting the palisades care and accuracy are important to ensure optimal stability.

  • With us in the shop you will find high-quality palisades which you can buy comfortably and cheap online.

What are palisades?

Palisads were originally due to long wooden piles, with which, for example, settlements were fenced or the military served as attachment.

Of course, this is no longer the case today.

Instead, palisades have been used for decades in landscaping as well as in the garden design. They are used, for example, for catching small slopes or embankments, as viewed protection or used to enclose paths and beds.

Mostly, Palisades today consist of pressure-impregnated round wood, natural stone or concrete. For private gardens, the use of inexpensive rugged plastic palisades is also available. The different materials do not only differ optically. The decision for a particular material therefore wants to be well considered before buying the palisades.


Diverse application possibilities for Palisades

Palisades prove to be a very versatile element for the design of your garden. For example, you can use them as bedmaking and ensure that their beds with ornamental or crops are visually clearly demarcated by other areas of the garden. At the same time, that also has the advantage that the plants in the beds and their roots are not uncontrollably pronouncing and so the care effort for the garden can be reduced.

Of course, they can also use Palisaden to provide their garden paths with a marginal attachment or lay a long-lasting and stable limit for their lawn. With longer palisades, height differences in the garden can also be overcome, realize freestanding walls or garden limits or also build high beds.

As you can see, the use of palisades in the design of your garden opens up many possibilities. With a little creativity and planning you can implement very different projects.


Palisades in different shapes

With Palisaden, most people probably think of round woods, which are put into the ground in a row and serve as an alternative to a fence or a wall. That is basically not wrong. In addition, however, Palisades have long been in many other forms and all sizes.

In addition to the classic round shape, for example, you can decide for rectangular palisades, from which you basically be built a more or less consistent wall. Larger cuboid palisades are also available as well as elements made from concrete, which optically act as if several individual round palisades are placed directly next to each other.

You are quite flexible and can choose the palisades from a variety of shapes that you like and of whom you believe that you best fit the overall picture of your garden.


Palisades in different sizes

Similar to the shape, it is also with the size. Whether short palisades, which after laying only 10 or 20 centimeters protrude from the ground and, for example, excellent as bedfitting, or palisades with a height of more than one meter, a large selection is available.

Which height your palisades should have,

Of course, depends primarily on the planned purpose. While you require short palisades for edge limits of paths or beds, the construction of a highbeepet or a garden fence made of palisades requires significantly longer components.

Before buying it is best best, which length is the right thing for your project and also take into account that a good part of the palisades will be in the ground.


Palisades from different materials

Palisades are not only available in different shapes. They are also made from a series of different materials. If you want to buy Palisades, you have a wide selection, between which you can decide according to the purpose, budget and personal preferences.

When purchasing Palisades, you can choose between the following materials, among other things:

  • wood

  • granite

  • concrete

  • plastic


Palisades made of wood: the timeless classic

Wooden palisades are a true classic and enjoy very much popularity. They are particularly widespread in the form of round woods in very different lengths and diameters. Apart from that, wood palisades, but sometimes also in shallow or square formats.

wood palisades are often boilers. This slows down the natural rotting process, so that components such as palisades last longer. Nonetheless, the lifetime of wooden palisades is limited and they usually do not come around to operate a certain effort in their care and treat their folks of wood, for example, at regular intervals with a suitable wood protection.

Of course, that does not mean that wood palisades are not recommended. However, you should, however, keep this circumstance in your decision for a specific material at least in mind.


Palisades from granite: Robust natural stone

natural stones are another material that is often used for the production of palisades. Especially granite is very popular. Compared to the variant of wood, granite palisades are characterized by a very high weather resistance. They points with longevity and enormous stability.

This makes palisades made of granite not only for private gardens, but also for use in public areas where robust and durable materials are known to play a particularly important role.

Palisades made of granite are available in different bright to dark gray shades or even with a yellowish or red color, so you can choose from different colors when buying.


Palisades made of concrete: durable and stable

Palisades made of concrete are also available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose between individual elements or larger plates in palisade optics. With the latter you save time when laying your palisades. However, you should remember that the weight increases significantly with increasing width. It can therefore sometimes make sense not to lay colals from concrete alone, but for two.

Regardless, they offer exactly like other concrete components,

Of course, a particularly high stability and a very long service life. If you choose Concrete Palisads, for example, to realize beddings, you can be sure that you will enjoy many years of enjoyment of your construction and do not have to count on any great care effort.

Even if concrete is certainly not the visually appealing material, the palisades are available in different colors and can fit very well in the overall picture depending on the design of the rest garden.


Plastic palisades: inexpensive and weather resistant

Plastic is another material that is available to you when buying palisades. Even if they perhaps tend to another material at first, plastic palisades have a number of advantages from which they can benefit from which they can benefit.

First of all, they are usually very inexpensive, which of course is just an advantage, if only a limited budget for the design of your garden is available. In addition, the plastic palisades are particularly easy to handle thanks to their comparatively low weight. The assembly therefore usually succeeds very well alone, which of course also proves itself as extremely practical and speaks for their use.

If you pay attention to a good quality when buying plastic palisades, you can also rely on high stability, good weatherability and long life.


Rectifies properly

If you have chosen palisades and want to use them in your garden, it is of course important that they properly set them. Because only then can they rely on their construction having sufficient stability and remain the individual palisades at the designated location and do not slip.

Take yourself some time to set the palisades and take care carefully. Measure exactly and make sure that you just put the palisades into the ground. The exact procedure,

Of course, differs not least, depending on the size of the palisades and material from which they exist.

Regardless of this, they can usually assume that their palisades should be about one third in the soil and should protrude two-thirds. If the palisads of their choice have a total length of 60 centimeters, this means that the height of the finished construction project is about 40 centimeters.

Often, in many cases, it makes sense to fix the palisades with a foundation of concrete. Although this is associated with additional work and a certain time for the drying of the concrete. However, it ensures that you can stably put your palisades into the ground and keeps your construction very long. The effort is therefore worthwhile, even if you might be shy at him at first.


Why is it worth buying palisades online?

If you need palisades for a construction project in your garden, you can of course also buy them in a shop on site. The order on the Internet, however, has many advantages, which is why more and more people are buying building material for the garden design, such as Palisades, online.

First of all, you have a particularly wide selection on the internet, from which you can make a picture directly from the home desk or the couch. In addition, you can find yourself in peace about the different materials and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, you can deliver the palisades of your choice when buying the Internet directly to home and thus save yourself the tedious transport by car. Especially with slightly larger construction projects that you may want to realize with concrete or granite palisades, this is a not to be underestimated advantage that can clearly facilitate the whole thing.

Last but not least, you benefit from cheap offer when buying on the Internet, without having to make compromises with the quality. In our shop, for example, you will find inexpensive plastic palisades that can score with an appealing wood look and excellent weather resistance.


What should be considered when buying palisades?

Of course, there are some things that you should consider when buying palisades. After all, you want to enjoy your purchase as long as possible and make sure that the palisades of your choice are well suited for the use of them.

In particular, the following points are important when buying palisades:

  • The palisades must have the right size for their construction project and should be neither too short nor too long.

  • the material you have chosen has under Another decisive influence on the optics and the life.

  • a good quality is of course indispensable and ensures longevity and good weatherability.


Buy high quality palisades online

If you need matching palisades for the design of your garden, you are exactly right with us. In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality palisades that you can easily order online. For example, buy robust and weather-resistant plastic palisades in our shop and let your purchase simply deliver home.

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