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Destination plate: Important and often underestimated moisture protection


To avoid damage caused by penetrating moisture, it is of course essential that the house roof is fully dense and equipped with a suitable roof drainage system. This includes, according to the roof shape, among other things, the attachment of a location plate, which protects the so-called location on the gable of the house from weather influences and moisture.


The most important advantages of local plates at a glance


  • The sheet metal trim protects the location reliably from weather conditions and prevents penetration of moisture.

  • Location plates are easy to assemble and compared to the usual Wood panels significantly weather-resistant.

  • When buying the sheets, among other things, the shape of the roof and the type of covering must be taken into account.

  • Orange plates are available from different metals, such as titanium zinc, aluminum, steel and copper.


What is the location?


The intervals are the visible part of the roof termination on the gable side, which usually consists of wood. It forms a connection between the roof and the meager. Both consumer roofs and saddle roofs have a location.


Since different parts of the building from different materials meet there, this area is relatively sensitive. Accordingly, it can easily come to leakage places in the location with unclean construction work.


Why the assembly of local plates makes sense


Just like the roof tiles, the location is exposed to weather conditions such as wind, rain and cold. In contrast to them, however, he proves much more sensitive to damage and leaks. To protect him, it is therefore common to equip him with local plates.


The local plates designated as Kantbleche serve as a panel and ensure that the wood is protected and the fugue is closed between the house wall and the roof. In addition, they prevent strong windbeadings to lift the roof tiles on the edge.


Of course, the attached location plates also contribute to the appearance of the house. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to an optically matching material as well as good quality.


Coating in old houses


Even with old buildings, one gives the location with a protective panel. Unlike younger homes, however, there are in many cases of wood, which is provided with eye-catching ornaments. That looks appealing. However, wood is known to be as weather-resistant as many metal species.


Accordingly, a wood-produced location brings a comparatively high care effort, as it should be deleted at regular intervals with a suitable wood protection.


In view of the fact that the location normally can only be achieved with the help of a scaffold, this is of course anything but ideal, which is why the use of practical resource plates has long since become the rule.


Local plates in different versions


Ortlichtbleche are available in numerous variants that can be used both for the location of saddle and desk roofs as well as edge sheets for flat roofs. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the type of covering next to the roof shape. Depending on whether it is roof pans, roof tiles, shingles from bitumen or natural slate, another location plate may be the right choice.


In part, the sheets are also provided with a fold. Their task is to derive water for meager or for the rain gutter. However, this is not the case with all destination sheets and, depending on the roof shape, not always absolutely necessary.


Local plates from different materials


Just like other roof plates, local plates are also available from different materials. These include in particular titanium, aluminum, steel and copper. Basically, these materials can all score with a pretty high lifespan.


In the decision for a particular metal, the material should be taken into account in particular, from which other components on the roof, such as raindrifts or sustain plates. Because some metals do not agree with each other and tend to be in contact with reinforced corrosion.


Mount the location plate correctly


The installation of a location plate is not too complicated affair. However, it is of course important to work carefully and thus ensure an exact fit and proper sealing of the location.


The sheets must first be tailored to the appropriate length and then attach them to the location with screws. The required holes are pre-drilled. Her diameter should be slightly larger than that of the screws. In this way, it is ensured that the location plate can extend slightly at rising temperatures without it being struck.


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