Flower pyramid

Flower pyramids: the perfect eye-catcher for your garden

When designing your own garden, creativity is hardly limited. Straight flower pyramids can be a real eye-catcher and prove in particular for the design of smaller areas as an excellent solution.

A floral pyramid made of metal or aluminum can be planted according to your ideas and offer, for example, flowers or a selection of your favorite herbs.

What is a floral pyramid?

As the name suggests, a floral pyramid is a kind of beet with several levels. As with objects in the form of a pyramid usual is also a floral pyramid below on the widest way and is always narrower upwards.

Your individual levels can be charged with flowers and other plants. Really placed, a floral pyramid can be a real enrichment for every garden.

Floral pyramids in different sizes and shapes

Floral pyramids are available in numerous different variants. There are both large and small models from different materials. Also, the shape can vary and be, for example, round, square or even hexagonal.

In addition, a floral pyramid can have a different number of levels. Whether three, four, five or more levels - the selection is great and allows you the highest level of flexibility in the garden design.

Plant pyramids

Flower pyramids made of planters can be flexibly positioned and reduced very quickly if necessary. Because they do not have to be firmly used in the ground.

This makes such a floral pyramid, for example, the perfect choice to make the outdoor area of ​​restaurants or beer gardens individually and colorful.

Apart from that, such a floral pyramid can also be used to set up on terraces and balconies. In this way, you do not have to do without lush planting despite manageable space conditions and can take advantage of the area available to you.

flower pyramids in the form of a highbeepet

Creating a multi-storey highbeepet is another popular form in which flower pyramids can be found in many gardens. In contrast to pyramids of planters, or flowerpots, this variant can not be flexibly opened up and reduced.

Instead, such a floral pyramid has its fixed place. It consists of several levels, each formed by a border. The lowest level is used in the ground, so the construction has a secure stand and you can enjoy it permanently.

Flower pyramids from different materials available

If you choose to buy a floral pyramid, you first face the question of which material this should be. The selection is quite big here, so that the decision does not always fall slightly.

Although there is no correct or wrong when choice, you should be careful not to buy a floral pyramid from weatherproof material.

This is especially true if you decide for a model that is embedded in the ground. Because in the ground the rust danger due to the acidic milieu is particularly large. The use of unsuitable materials therefore has the consequence that they are very probably not too long pleasure in their new acquisition.

Long-lasting floral pyramids made of metal

Metal flower pyramids are available in different versions. If the material was treated accordingly, prove quite a long-lasting solution for the garden design.

Modern floral pyramids alu

Aluminum is a light metal that is ideal for making modern floral pyramids. With a floral pyramid made of aluminum, choose a sturdy product enriching your garden and at warranty attracting the views of your visitors.

Aluminum is stainless to a degree. This ensures that a floral pyramid from this metal is very weather-resistant and is perfect for the permanent beautification of your garden.

At the same time, the material is very light, whereby a floral pyramid made of aluminum makes it easy to set up. The construction is done quickly and usually does not even require the help of a second person.

Wooden flower pyramids

In addition to materials such as Cortenstahl and Alu, flower pyramids are made of wood, among other things. This ensures a very natural look, which fits in some gardens particularly well to the rest of the design.

Wood flower pyramids are available for both balconies and terraces as well as in the form of solid high beds. Basically, nothing speaks against the use of a pyramid of wood. However, they should be aware that the material usually has a shorter lifetime when it is the case for example at Alu.

build flower pyramid yourself

Basically, in the construction of a floral pyramid, you do not necessarily have to decide for a finished set of specialist retailers. Alternatively, you can also build your pyramid yourself from corresponding materials yourself.

This procedure is usually associated with a little more workload. For this you can put your floral pyramid according to your wishes and ideas into action.

However, when planning, make sure that the materials of their choice are as weatherproof as possible and their construction has sufficient stability. Because only then will your floral pyramid be permanently an enrichment for your garden.

How can you plant a floral pyramid?

Which plants you want to use your floral pyramid is fully left to you. For example, use your flower pyramid to make a colorful, multi-storey flowerbed.

Alternatively, you can make a compact herb garden from your floral pyramid and, for example, equip them with basil, parsley, chives, sage and other great herbs.

The only thing you should consider when planting is that the plants of your choice will not be too big. However, there are flower pyramids partly with a ground floor with a diameter of about two meters. Therefore, they should not be difficult to find a sufficiently large model for their plans.

Benefits of a floral pyramid

Floral pyramids have many advantages and are therefore able to maintain a popular element that is increasingly used in the garden design and also represents an excellent choice for the beautification of public areas.

A floral pyramid offers you the following advantages in particular:

●      Wide selection of different designs for every taste

●      Different sizes and materials available

●      Easy installation and robust construction

●      Optimal utilization of the available space

●      Flexible with flowers or crops equipped

●      Exceptional optical highlight for gardens, balconies and terraces

Which floral pyramid is the right thing for me?

For which floral pyramid you should decide depends on different factors. In addition to the available space, in this context, especially the place where you want to set it up, a role.

Should their floral pyramid beautify their balcony or terrace,

Of course, you need a freestanding model that consists of individual planters. On the other hand, plan the placement on the lawn or in one of her beds, you can choose a floral pyramid that is firmly used in the soil. In addition, this case is probably a bit more space available, so you can select a correspondingly larger model.

buy flower pyramids online

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