Roofing sheets

Durable roof plates in different versions


Roofs made of sheet metal are not uncommon for garden houses and equipment shreds. For residential buildings, however, they are still quite little common. Regardless, roof sheets are available in different versions and different metals, so that the decision for a particular variant at least lay people often does not fall slightly.


The most important thing about roof plates at a glance


  • Roofs made of sheet metal are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

  • Roof sheets are available in different shapes, such as well or trapezoidal plates .

  • Roof sheets may consist of different metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium or copper.

  • Sheet metal roofs are widespread from garden houses while you are still the exception to residential buildings.

  • The incidence of residential buildings should also be taken over in the case of a sheet metal roof by a specialist.


Roof sheets in different shapes


If the roof tits are talking about, they can not easily close to a specific shape. Roof sheets are available in numerous versions. These include corrugated plates and folding and trapezoidal sheets. Apart from that, there are also roof shingles made of metal as well as roof tea in roof tiles.


Benefits of Roof Sheets


Roofs made of sheet metal have some advantages over conventional roof tiles. They are comparatively cheap depending on the chosen material. In addition, roof sheets can be attached quickly and easily. In addition, they offer individual design possibilities and dense the roof reliably for professional installation.


Disadvantages of roof tits


Of course, roof sheets have not only advantages, but also some disadvantages that should be considered in the decision for a tin roof. In comparison to roof tiles, roof sheets naturally react quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In addition, depending on the metal type, they are sometimes susceptible to corrosion and can sometimes cause noise from outside to be more noticeable in the buildinginer.


Roof sheets from different materials


The term sheet does not say anything about the actual material. Of course, this also applies to roof plates that can consist of very different metal species. These include in particular stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper.


Stainless steel roof sheet


Stainless steel is very robust and durable. These characteristics make it basically a good material for roof sheets. However, it is relatively expensive. In addition, the assembly of a sheet metal roof made of stainless steel is comparatively expensive, which also affects the amount of the total cost.


Aluminum roof sheet


Aluminum also belongs to the metals that are often used for the production of roof tits. It is also corrosion resistant and is also characterized by its light weight. However, aluminum has a lower stability than stainless steel, whereby components can be bent through load tend to be rather rather.


Roof panel made of titanium zinc


Titanzink is very popular among other things due to the gray patina, which forms on its surface, very popular. Apart from that, it is characterized by a long service life. However, when inciding with roof sheet made of titanium zinc come quite quickly to assembly errors. Careful operation is therefore very important.


Copper roof sheet


Copper is already used for a very long time to cover roofs. Roof sheets made of copper are extremely durable and also obtain an optically appealing greenish patina over time. Who chooses copper for roof plates or other components such as rain troughs, should remember that the material with various other metals does not tolerate.


Roof sheets for garden houses and device sheds


Especially with garden houses and device scales, it is natural to sit on a roof of sheet metal. Finally, roof sheets are not only quite inexpensive, but also easier to assemble. While covering with bricks itself for experienced hobby handicrafts can represent a time-consuming challenge, a sheet roof is relocated comparatively quickly.


Can be mounted a tin roof yourself?


Basically, as an experienced home improvement, it is quite possible to install a sheet metal roof itself. However, it is very important that the roof plates are properly laid and sealed carefully. Otherwise, moisture can get under the tin roof and cause corrosion and other damage over time, which sometimes remedy with great effort.


At least for residential buildings, it is usually advisable to commission a specialist to cover the sheet metal roof. For smaller buildings, such as a garden hut, on the other hand, it does not speak about the laying of the roof plates independently.


What do you have to pay attention to the purchase of roof tits?


One roof is normally nothing, which should be replaced every few years. Accordingly, it is very important to pay attention to good quality when buying roof tits. Because only this allows sufficient stability and good weatherability to ensure.


Of course, the type of roof contributes significantly to the overall picture of the respective building. Accordingly, the decision for roof sheets in a particular look should not be premature.


Apart from that, it should be remembered that not all metals are tolerated. Just copper proves to be problematic in this regard. Therefore, make sure that all metal parts such as roof plates and rainboards consist of the same or composite compatible materials.


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