Angle sheets

High-quality angle plates in different versions


Angle plates are available in countless versions for numerous different purposes. Among other things, they are also used as closures on roofs. There they serve as a connection between vertical components and the roof area.


The function of the angle plate consists in this case mainly therein existing gaps on the transition to the transition, so that the rainwater can not penetrate, but instead can be derived as provided as provided.


The most important thing about angle plates at a glance


  • Angle plates can be used as terminals of roofs to connect between vertical components and the roof.

  • In addition to optical aspects, the attachment of Angelblechen primarily to prevent the penetration of water.

  • Angle plates are made of different metals such as titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

  • For proper material compatibility, angle plates should consist of the same material as the remaining roof plates and rain channels.

  • Some have angle plates over a so-called water falcic, which as additional protection Adjusted before penetrating water.


From which metal are angle plates?


The designation angle plate gives only information about the shape. On the other hand, conclusions about the material can not be dragged. Because angle plates can consist of different metals. In addition to aluminum and stainless steel also count titanium and copper.


Basically, each of these metals has its individual advantages and disadvantages. Which material is the right thing, therefore, can not be said flat-rate. In most cases, however, it makes sense to make sure that the angle plates consist of the same metal as the remaining roof sheets.


Aluminum angle plates


Aluminum is known for its low weight. At the same time it is rust-free and convinces with its good weatherability. These properties ensure that aluminum is excellent as material for angle plates.


Angle plates from titanium zinc


Titanzink can point with longevity and proves to be extremely robust. On roofs attached angle plates from titanium zinc get a characteristic grayish patina over time. Should this be avoided, it is necessary to delete them.


Stainless steel angle plates


Stainless steel is known for its stability and its long life. It should therefore hardly be surprised that stainless steel is increasingly used more frequently for components such as gutters, throat and trolley plates or even angle plates.


Angle plates made of copper


Copper is one of those metals that have been used as a building material for a very long time. Easy-senior houses are very commonly featuring roons of copper roars, which can be easily recognized by their typical greenish patina.

Of course, angular sheets of copper can also be attached to new buildings. However, it should be noted in this case that copper does not tolerate with various other metals.


Colored angle plates


Angle plates are also available colored on request. That makes it possible to buy them in a color matching to the building and thus achieve a coherent overall picture. In many cases, only the intended outside of the angle plate is colored. This circumstance should of course be kept in mind when buying.


Angle plates with and without water fold


Angle plates are available as a roof enclosure both with as well as without a water fold. A water falc is a backpart at the edge of the sheet. Your task is to prevent the water at the outflow in the wrong direction.


The fold thus ensures additional protection against moisture. Depending on the type of roof, it may be useful to use angle plates with such a water falcification.


What to pay attention to when buying angle plates?


Just like other roof sheets should of course also be able to convince angle plates qualitatively. Finally, the sheets should be as long as long as possible and not need to be replaced after a few years.


Of course, it is obvious to pay attention to the right length as well as the right beam. Under the waveguiding one understands the total width that would have the sheet without an angle. It thus consists of the sum of the dimensions of both legs.


In addition, it is very important to ensure perfect material compatibility. Since certain metals are not tolerated with each other, it is usually useful for this purpose to buy all the roof tea and gutters from the same metal.


This is especially true for copper, which, for example, can not be combined with titanium and steel, since otherwise it comes to excessive corrosion.


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