Pigeon repellent

Pigeon defense: proven solutions for balcony and garden


pigeons often occur in masses and have developed into a true plague in many cities. Private house and garden owners are always affected by the annoying beading peace.


Suitable measures for pigeon defense help to become the problem Lord and get rid of the unwanted feathered guests. In our shop you will find suitable products that you can use for the pigeon defense.


The most important thing about pigeon defense at a glance


  • The feces of pigeons can significantly damage the building fabric of buildings in the long run.

  • pigeons can sometimes spread pathogens and parasites and thus provide health risk Dar.

  • pigeons may only be killed in exceptional cases and with the present authorization.

  • The goal of the pigeon defense is that the Discounting unwanted visitors as permanently from the garden as possible.

  • There are a number of different solutions that can be used for pigeon defense in your own garden.

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  • In our shop you will find proven products that you can use for distributing pigeons on your property.


Pigeons can quickly become a problem


If only a single pigeon or a couple fits in the garden, that does not disturb that. Unfortunately, the birds often do not occur alone, but in swarms. At the latest then you will find a problem and affected for solutions for the pigeon defense.


After all, her feces is extremely unhygienic. Depending on the number of pigeons, whole benches, stairs or balconies and windows can be dirty through it. In the long term, pigeon kot can even cause the building substance considerably, which is why adequate pigeon protection can also be important in terms of protection of the affected building.


Another problem, the house and garden owners should consider in this context is the fact that pigeons can spread through their feces pathogens and parasites. It therefore makes sense not only from an optical point of view, but also with regard to the hygiene sense to distribute pigeons with suitable measures.


Why pigeons are common in cities


One of the types of doves in Central Europe is the city pigeon. She used to be a pet and was bred by humans. Although these times are long over, their beings have not changed significantly since then. She remains faithful to her location and prefer to be like her wild ancestors of Felsen or Wall Prescriptions as nesting sites. Accordingly, it is almost impossible to relocate the feathered city dwellers in forests or at least park.


The only difference to earlier is basically the fact that city pigeons have to supply themselves today with food. Due to the often inadequate food offering many city pigeons starve as chicks in the nest. However, in the past, this has not led to a decrease in population, but instead had the consequence that the animals have placed even more eggs.


Pigeons must not be killed simply


If you want to get rid of pigeons on your property, you may have thought about putting poison for this purpose. However, this is not permitted in accordance with the regulations of the Animal Welfare Act.


Pigeons may only be killed in exceptional cases and they need a permit. The pigeon defense is therefore always about distributing the birds.


Pigeon defense for balcony and garden


If occasionally lost one or the other pigeon on your property, it is certain to pass. Finally, the birds are usually peaceful and therefore do not disturb.



However, their advent in the immediate vicinity of their home takes over, the pigeons quickly become a very annoying problem that can hardly ignore themselves and which they should counteract with suitable measures for pigeon defense.


For the pigeon defense, among other things, there are the following options:


  • Networks

  • spikes

  • Prored bird trapping

  • spray with water

  • Sound noises

  • Ultrasound devices

  • Mirror

  • Laser

  • Electric wires


Pigeon protection with a network


One way for pigeon defense is, for example, a web that is tensioned on the balcony or on the facade and prevents the birds from settling there. The network is certainly not the optically appealing solution. Established correctly, such a pigeon protection proves to be experienced as extremely effective.


However, when buying and clamping the network for pigeon defense, make sure that it is well seen for the birds. Otherwise, the animals can get caught and pass, which of course does not mean the matter.


Pigeon defense with spikes


Another option that can be used for pigeon defense are so-called spikes. These are elements which are provided with V-shaped metal rods. These can be attached, for example, walls or other narrow surfaces and prevent doves from settling there.


In order for the pigeon defense to work with the spikes, however, it is very important to properly assemble them. Otherwise it can even happen that the spikes facilitate the doves the construction of their nests and tend to increase the problem, rather than eliminating it.


Pigeon defense with prey slippers


Birds are the natural enemies of pigeons and can therefore prove themselves as extremely effective to distribute the unwanted guests from their own garden. For this purpose, prored birds are available that can be set up in your garden or on your balcony.


In order for doves to perceive the supposed challenge as a threat, they should be implemented regularly. Because when the dummy is permanently on one and the same position, it does not take long until the pigeons have understood that they have nothing to fear and simply ignore the prey attraction.


Deafs with water distribute


Depending on the size of the population in your area, it may be sometimes sufficient to distribute doves on your balcony using a water gun or garden hose. For this, however, it is necessary for you to start as early as possible to make the birds of the spatter with water to the stay on your property uncommon.


You also have to work again and again and not only spray the pigeons once with water. Because normally, it will take a while until they have sold the pigeons in this way permanently and the birds look for another place to linger.


Deafs with loud noise distribute


If you want to distribute doves from your garden or from your balcony, you can basically do that with loud noises. For this purpose, for example, bright noises or recordings of screams of raptures are eligible.


Loud noises can prove to be extremely effective at the pigeon defense. However, your neighbors are likely to be very enthusiastic if they are subject to regular noise pollution. At least in densely populated residential areas, this method is therefore only partially suitable for distributing pigeons.


Pigeon defense with ultrasound


There are also special ultrasound devices that can be placed, for example, on the balcony and their tones can also distribute pigeons. So that they worked, however, it is necessary that the generated sounds are as uneven and sufficient loud as possible. Otherwise, the birds get used very quickly and the ultrasound device loses its effect within a very short time.


The problem with this method of pigeon defense is that the tones generated by the ultrasound device are not only perceived by pigeons, but also of pets, such as cats and dogs, and sometimes can be a real agony for them. In addition, many young people can hear the sounds and feel disturbing.


Pigeon defense with mirrors


Another option that can be used for the pigeon defense in your own garden are small mirrors. If these are hung in trees, the reflective light can irritate the pigeons and thus help to distribute them. Instead of mirrors, CDs can also be used whose shiny underside reflects the sunlight.


This method of pigeon defense works quite well. However, it is quite common that the birds get used to it with time and therefore no longer disrupt from the light reflections after a while.


Laser systems for the pigeon defense


The pigeon defense with lasers works in principle similar to the method just described mirror. Again, it is about selling the birds with light. Since green light has proven to be particularly effective, corresponding laser systems for the pigeon defense are set to light in this color.


The use in the private garden is theoretically possible. In general, the lasers, which have partially a range of two kilometers, are more advanced on fields, larger parking or aircraft, golf and sports courts to keep pigeons and other birds away from there.


Pigeon defense with electric wires


For the balcony of a detached house, this method for pigeon defense certainly does not make sense. But with large public buildings or apartment blocks, the clamping of electric wires as pigeon protection is quite a great way to keep the feathered troublemakers from certain areas.


The current strength is of course too weak in such a wire to seriously harm the birds. Similar to an electric fence on a pasture, however, the electric shock with the wire for the pigeons is uncomfortable, so that the animals seek another place to linger.


Is the use of pigeon traps to be recommended?


pigeons can prove themselves pronounced. Maybe you have already thought about putting doves falling in your garden and then suspend the lively prisoner birds at some distance from your home.


In practice, however, they will have little success with the use of such a trap in the pigeon defense. Because pigeons are usually very location-based and therefore it usually does not take long until the birds they expand return to their original place. A permanent solution is self-established fall as pigeon protection thus not.


Distribute doves from a pro


If your efforts remain unsuccessful in the expulsion of doves, you can turn to a professional pest control as a last step.


The commissioning of a company is of course associated with additional costs. But the professionals usually know very precisely which methods have proven themselves and what makes the most sense in their individual case during the pigeon defense in their individual case.


Spices distribute: Even small birds can be annoying


Although sparrows usually are not quite problematic like pigeons, the small, sociable birds can prove annoying. If you occur in greater number in the garden, it quickly becomes very loud. Some homeowners then understandably look for ways to distribute sparrows.


As a rule, you can use for this purpose to put on comparable methods as in the pigeon defense and the feathered troublemakers when needed, for example, with the reflective light of mirrors or also prored birds. With some patience and creativity, the sparrows can be distributed without major problems, so you can enjoy the time in your garden or on your balcony soon undisturbed.


Buy proven solutions for pigeon defense online


If you are looking for solutions for the pigeon defense in your garden or on your balcony, you are exactly right with us. Because in our shop you will find proven products to drive doves.


We deliver your purchase quickly and reliably to home, so you can quickly devote yourself to the pigeon protection on your property and hopefully get rid of unwanted visitors quickly.