Wall connection plate

High quality wall connection sheets as moisture protection

A cover in the form of bricks or sheet metal is not sufficient alone to completely seal the roof of a building. In addition, among other things, the attachment of so-called wall connection sheets, or breast plates required.

The most important thing about wall connection sheets at a glance

  • Wall connection sheets ensure that on the transitions between vertical components such as guests and the roof no water penetrate can.

  • wall connection sheets, or breast plates are available from different metals such as aluminum, steel, titanium and copper.

  • When deciding for a particular material, it is important to consider the metal from which other components such as gutters or throat sheets must be considered.

  • To properly mount the wall connection plate, it must have the right size as well as the appropriate angle.

Which function has a wall connection plate?

To avoid the penetration of rainwater and associated moisture damage to the building, roofs must of course be completely tight. While that succeeds easily on the surfaces of the roof bits by means of roof tiles or a cover of sheet metal, the transitions from the roof to vertical components always represent a weak point in this regard.

To seal these transitions, as they are present in addition to the façade, for example, also on older grapes and chimneys, wall connection sheets, or chest plates are attached there. The sheets are practically a connection between the vertical wall and the oblique roof and ensure that rainwater is derived.

Wall connection sheets made of different materials

Wall connection sheets are made of different metals. In general, they consist either of aluminum, titanium, copper or steel. If a good quality is guaranteed, the materials can everyone with a decent stability and a long service life, even if there are certainly certain differences.

Regardless of this, it is natural to opt for chest sheets, which consist of the same material as other existing metal components. If a roof was covered, for example, with stainless steel trapezoidal sheet, usually wall jack sheets are used made of steel.

Wall connection sheets made of steel

Steel has developed over time to an increasingly used material for roof sheets. Stainless steel wall jack sheets are characterized by high stability. They are stainless and weather-resistant, so that a long service life of steel steels made of steel is nothing in the way.

Titanzink wall connection sheets

Titanzink is also robust and durable, so that material is ideal for the production of high-quality wall connectors. The characteristic characteristics of Titanzink heard that a gray patina forms on the surface over time.

Wall connection sheets made of aluminum

Aluminum is lighter than steel. Accordingly, wall connection sheets made of aluminum basically have a lower weight as chest sheets made of steel in the same size and thickness. Aluminum is corrosion-free and weather resistant. However, it is not quite as stable as steel. For use as a wall connection plate, however, this is not a problem, so that no disadvantages are expected in terms of longevity of the sheets normally.

Wall connection sheets made of copper

Copper is already used very long as a material for components such as gutters or roof tea. The metal is characterized by a long life and is also popular due to the typical green patina, which forms after a while. Mural plates made of copper are found in particular on older buildings, where they are outstanding in the overall picture. Basically,

Of course, it does not speak about it,

Of course, to assemble them to newer buildings.

Wall connection sheets in different colors

Wall connection sheets are not only available from different materials. In addition, there is the chest plates in different colors. In addition to sheets in the color of the respective metal can be chosen from a series of colored coated sheets. To choose from, for example, colors such as anthracite, white, brown or green and blue.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying wall connection plates?

Basically, it is of course important when buying wall connection sheets to pay attention to good quality, so that a long life is ensured.

Of course, the chest plate should of course have the right dimensions. This does not only apply to the length, but above all for the width and the angle of the sheet.

Depending on which metals otherwise still installed on the roof (for example, in the form of raindresses or throat planks), it may also be advisable to limit the choice of material accordingly. Because some metals do not agree with each other.

Just a combination of copper with other metals, such as steel or titanium, proves to be problematic in this regard. In order to avoid excess corrosion, wall connection sheets made of copper should best be used with other copper tags.

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