Firewood rack

Fireplace wood shelves for storing your firewood


There is probably hardly more comfortable in winter than the comforting warmth of a fire in the stove. So that this can provide permanently for pleasant temperatures, of course it is essential to have sufficient firewood available.


Who does not want to get this in small bags in the hardware store, should think about buying a firewood rack. Because this makes it possible to store larger quantities of wood correctly.


The most important thing about firewood rack at a glance


  • A firewood rack in the garden facilitates the proper storage of firewood.

  • In addition to models for the outdoor area are also small firewood shelves for the apartment are available.

  • A wooden shelter allows you to buy a larger amount of wood at once, which is usually much cheaper.

  • High quality metal wood shelves are particularly robust and durable.


Why you should get a wooden shelter


If you own a fireplace, you will certainly appreciate its heat in the cold months of the year. The firewood required for heating can be purchased, for example, in the hardware store and in many supermarkets in small quantities.


However, this is pretty much in the money. We therefore recommend that you buy larger quantities in a firewood trade in your area. This is much cheaper and you can easily deliver your order easily.


Of course, you need some space for storage. It is also important that you store your firewood correctly so that it is not damp and can burn in a fireplace properly.


A chimney shelf is the ideal solution for this purpose. Because it ensures that you can stack your wood space-saving and keep dry.


Small firewood shelves for the apartment


Of course, you do not want to run in the evening for every single wooden swift in the evening. But fortunately it is not necessary with a small firewood shelf for the apartment.


Fireplace wood shelves for living spaces are available in countless designs. It should therefore not be difficult for you to find a model suitable for your other facility.

Of course, larger quantities can not be kept in it. For a leisurely evening on the couch, such a compact firewood rack in the living room is completely enough.


Wooden levels for the garden


To be able to store enough firewood for a longer period of time, the purchase of a wooden shelter for the garden offers. Since the wood should ideally contain less than 10 percent in use, dry storage is very important.


It succeeds in free with a fireplace wood shelf, which has a roof. If the optics of the wooden shelter does not play a decisive role, you can also cover your firewood with a plastic plan.


Many fireplace owners, however, deliberately choose this variant and use their wooden shelter together with firewood as a design element for their garden or as practical protection against the curious views of the neighbors.


Metal fireplace shelves


With a metal wooden rack of metal, place a particularly robust and durable wooden shelter, which the weather can affect little. This applies at least if you pay attention to a good quality when buying. If that is the case, you can usually rely on a metal wood rack of metal on it that it is ideal for outdoor use and you can use it for many years to store firewood for your fireplace.


Wooden wooden shelves


In addition to metal models, there are also firewood shelves consisting of impregnated wood of spruce or pine trees. Since the material costs and the manufacturing costs are comparatively low, firewood shelves made of wood normally significantly cheaper. With regard to weather resistance, however, you can not take it with a high-quality metal wood rack.


Chimney shelves made of plastic


Who is looking for a particularly inexpensive and light storage option, can also access a wooden shelter made of plastic in addition to models of metal and wood. Such a chimney shelter does not optically do not much. But it is not only favorable, but also quite insensitive to weather influences. Apart from that, plastic can be very easy to clean.


Set fireplace wood rack and fill with wood


Be aware that the wood can have a pretty high weight depending on the quantity. It is therefore important that you prepare the ground before setting up your wooden shelter. The substrate must be straight and firm.


A sunny place south at the vicinity of the house or garage wall is a good choice. However, make sure that you leave about 15 to 20 centimeters space between the woods and the wall. In this way, they ensure good air circulation and at the same time prevent damage due to the moisture leaving from the firewood.


The wood itself should not be stacked too tight, otherwise the slide is still very unevenly dry. By laying the slide with the bark down to each other, they also prevent rotation during storage.


Firewood should not be stored indefinitely


To burn your wood in the stove, it must be dry. In general, this is the case with proper storage after about two years. Before you should not use the firewood as it is still too moist.


On the other hand, however, it should also be considered that too long storage should also be avoided, since after a certain time the condensing value of the wood decreases. Normally, this applies to firewood, whose storage duration has exceeded for four years.


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