Trapezoidal sheet metal

Trapezoidal sheet: cheap, durable and versatile use


Trapezibleche are used to cover roofs as well as wall covering. They are extremely stable and robust. In combination with its relatively low price, it makes this to a very popular building material that is often used in the commercial area and is also suitable for private construction projects.


It is therefore certainly not surprising that trapezoidal sheets have long since become a common sight in many smaller and larger cities on buildings.


Trapezoidal sheet has many advantages


Trapezoidal sheet offers a whole range of advantages, which can score compared to other building materials and which make it a good choice for various construction projects.


For the use of trapezoidal sheets, the following advantages speak:


  • low manufacturing costs ensure a correspondingly low cost.

  • Due to the low weight, the handling of trapezoidal sheets is comparatively lightweight.

  • The components can be stored and transported without much effort.

  • High-quality materials ensure good weatherability and a long life.

  • The installation of trapezoidal sheets is uncomplicated and managed with a little crafted skill usually easily.

  • large-scale components with the appropriate dimensions ensure the attachment of the Sheets for particularly quick progress.


Trapezoidal sheet has a high stability


Through the edges, trapezoidal sheets are particularly stable. Even with relatively low material thickness, they therefore have a comparatively high load capacity. This circumstance makes them a good choice in particular when a robust and resistant construction is required.


Trapezoidal sheets as a building material in the commercial area


Trapeze sheets are used in different areas. They can be used to cover roofs as well as cladding for walls and ceilings. Especially in the construction of industrial buildings and warehouses is very often set on trapezoidal sheets, where it is often used in combination with a framework of steel.


Due to their high stability and their time-saving assembly, they are particularly popular for large-scale walls and roofs. At least for industrial buildings, trapezoidal sheets are even one of the most commonly used materials for roof covering, regardless of the roof size.


Trapezoidal plates for private construction projects


In the private sector, trapezoidal sheet offers among other things as a reasonably priced, weatherproof and easy-to-use building material for roofs of garden houses and carports quite great popularity.


The use of trapezoidal sheets as roofing for residential houses is of course also possible. Compared to commercial real estate, however, despite the associated advantages, at least is currently still clearly rarer, as it is usually still set for classic coverage with bricks.


How sweat water can be prevented in trapezoidal sheets


For a long time, trapezoidal sheets were quite unpopular as building material as the formation of condensation to them was considered blemish. This view is still widespread today. The supposed problem with the condensation can be easily remedied by setting the use of so-called anticontensenvlies.


The fleece is attached to the bottom of the trapezoidal sheet and is able to absorb a certain amount of sweat water. If a corresponding ventilation of the respective building is ensured, the moisture absorbed by the fleece can easily evaporate and the unwanted formation of condensation to the trapezoidal sheets can thus be prevented.


Anticontensenvlies as sound insulation on the trapezoidal sheet


Incidentally, Antikondensenvlies not only helps to prevent the formation of sweat water on the sheets. In addition, the nonwoven also has a sound-absorbing effect and thus ensures a noticeable reduction in noise, if it rains for example.


Its use is therefore equally paid in multiple terms. Because with the prevention of excessive noise, the fleece helps to deprive another possible argument, which is often given as a disadvantage in the use of trapezoidal sheets as a building material.


When using condensenvlies due to the purpose of the corresponding building, a particularly effective noise suppression is in focus, it is ideally used,

Of course, the highest possible fleece.


Trapezoidal sheets Screw waterproof


Of course, it is also supposed to be connected to the screws with which the individual trapezoidal sheets are connected and attached to the substructure, no water can penetrate through the roof or walls.


It is therefore recommended to use high-quality roofing screws with suitable seals made of EPDM. With these, leaks can be reliably avoided at the fittings of the trapezoidal sheets, which would necessarily lead to problems due to the precipitate for short or long.


From which metal are trapezoidal sheets?


The term trapezoidal sheet gives only information about the shape of the sheets. Conclusions on the material from which they are made, however, can not be dragged. Because trapezoidal sheets are made of both aluminum and stainless steel.


Both metal species have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum can, for example, score in particular with its known relatively low weight. Accordingly, aluminum trapezoidal sheets are of course more lighter than steel sheets in the same size and thickness.


However, that does not necessarily mean that aluminum is basically the better metal. Because even trapezoidal sheets of steel have various properties that they can make a good choice for different construction projects.


For example, steel is very stable, which can be bridged with sufficient thick sheets especially large distances between two slats, or beams of the substructure. Apart from that, trapezoidal sheets of steel expand less. Last but not least, this can be positively noticeable in terms of noise.


Trapezoidal sheets in different colors


Of course, trapezoidal sheets are of course not only available in the color of the metal from which they exist. In addition, there are you still in numerous other colors, such as dark green, anthracite or brick red.


As a rule, it is therefore easy to find trapezoidal sheets that match your own taste and to fit the rest of the remainder of the remaining building, respectively.


If, for example, a carport or garden cottage is covered with a roof of trapezoid sheets, it is often available to grabben in the color of the brick on the residential building and thus provide a particularly coherent overall picture.


What do you have to pay attention to when buying trapezoids?


Of course, it is very important to pay attention to some points when purchasing trapezibles. Only then can be ensured that the sheets are suitable for the planned project and there is no unnecessary problems during or after assembly.


When choosing the matching sheets for the respective construction project, especially the so-called span plays a crucial role. This provides information about which distance can be overcome with the trapezoidal sheet without having to ensure sufficient stability an additional support.


Of course, even strong wind and potential snowfall are a possible additional load for the trapezoidal sheet. For use in the outdoor area, there are therefore different wind and snowless zones to be observed.


The load capacity of the trapezoidal sheet is determined by the following factors:


  • The material (steel is more resilient than aluminum.)

  • the thickness of the sheet (the thicker the sheet is, the more durable it is usually .)

  • depth of the profile (the deeper the profile is, the more stable the trapezoidal sheet.)


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