Ultra Strong Aluminium Lawn Edging


Ultra strong legs made of aluminum in different versions


Rods are an important design element for the garden. They help to optically limit lawns and other areas. In addition, they ensure that their lawn does not pronolliert into adjacent beds.


With our ultra heavy rods made of aluminum, they opt for this purpose for a particularly robust solution, where they can rely on a long life of their turf and bed limits.


Reinforced aluminum raspenrenant in different widths


Our extra stable aluminum lawns are available in three different widths. You can choose between 10, 14 and 24 centimeters and thus decide for the variant that best suits your requirements.


Regardless of the width, our aluminum lawns have a material thickness of three millimeters in the ultra-strong version. In this way, an exceptionally high stability is ensured, so that they are ideally suited as a bed and gray breeding in heavily frequented garden areas.


Why our extra stable legs made of aluminum are a good choice


  • flexible usable as a delimitation for bedtime, lawn, garden paths and other areas

  • in three different widths available

  • Clean lines and good moldability

  • uncomplicated and time-saving mounting

  • weather resistant and stainless thanks to high quality aluminum alloy

  • no discarding by sunlight

  • convincing price performance ratio

  • appealing design for a modern designed garden

  • matching accessories such as ground anchors, covers, angle, t-elements and connectors separately available


Weather-resistant lawn limits for modern gardens


Our ultra-strong corners consist of a stainless aluminum alloy. As a result, they are weather-resistant and particularly durable. At the same time, they can easily be embarrassed, so that inexperienced hobby gardeners do not have any problems with the installation of their limitations for lawns, beds and paths.


Ultra Strong Aluminum Raskanten and Buy Accessories


Buy our aluminum lawns in reinforced version velvet matching accessories easily online. We deliver your purchase quickly and reliably home, so you can soon start laying your new lawn limitation.