Ground anchor

Earth anchor: Secure attachment for corners and beddings


Lawnants are an excellent tool that is indispensable from the garden design. Depending on the version, the additional use of ground anchors can be useful.


Because suitable ground anchors ensure that their corner is perfectly sitting and permanently in position. Your use can therefore be practically prove to be indispensable in very loose soils.


If you also pay attention to high quality materials when buying your ground anchor, you can also rely on a particularly long life.


What is an earth anchor?


As the name already reveals, a ground anchor is an armature, with which an object can be attached in the earth. Simplified, a ground anchor resembles a big nail that is driven into the ground.


However, the practical soil anchors are available in different versions, so they can not always be taken with a hammer, but sometimes need to be screwed. Both versions have their permission, where both the intended use and the soil condition must be considered in the selection.


Earth anchor for slowing and screwing


When buying ground anchors, you can choose between so-called stroke anchors and ground anchors for screwing. For stroke anchors, it is basically simple rods, which are partly provided with barbs.


At the top you usually have a mounting option like a hook or angle. Stroke anchors can be very easily drifted into the soil with a hammer. They are particularly suitable for use on stony and hard soils very well. Once beaten into the ground, such an earth anchor can usually be difficult to remove, so it allows a secure fixation.


ground anchor for screwing are comparable with oversized screws. To drive them into the ground, a rotational movement is required. The best way to assemble with a rod as a tool. Screwed ground anchors also offer high stability. By opposite rotational movements, however, they can easily remove themselves again.


Floor anchor for corners


Earthanker is very well suited as a ground anchor for lawnants. They provide additional stability and should always be used when the corner is not enough in the ground. This is, for example, in gravel floors or when inserting rods in slopes, very often the case.


Apart from, it is advisable to secure fasteners whose profile height exceeds ten centimeters, additionally securing with suitable soil anchors. In this way, they ensure that their grass limit has good stability and can not easily slip after insertion.


The introduction of ground anchors is not associated with any significant additional workload. At the same time, the use of the practical fasteners has many advantages. If it requires the corner chosen by you as well as the nature of the soil, you should not do without the use of suitable soil anchors.


Long-lasting ground anchor made of steel


The acidic milieu in the ground represents a special challenge for materials used in the ground. Just like the corner itself, the ground anchors, with which they are fixed, must therefore be used as stainless and weather-resistant be.


Otherwise corrosion does not have a long time and it's just a matter of time until you need to replace your corner with soil anchors. Therefore, always use ground anchor from suitable materials, such as galvanized steel.


In this way, you can be sure that your lawn and bed limits have a particularly long life and do not create any unnecessary additional work in the design of your garden.


If you want to use lawns from Cortenstahl, by the way, for this the right ground anchors. There is no problem at all not to give the complete grass border the desired rust optics. Since Cortenstahl rusts only superficially, ground anchors from this material are very stable and durable despite their unusual appearance.


Inexpensive plastic ground anchor


In addition to particularly robust and long-lasting ground anchors made of galvanized steel or cortene steel, there are also ground anchors made of plastic. These costs usually significantly less. Nevertheless, they are mostly weather-resistant and insensitive to UV light.


As a ground anchor for lawnants, soil anchor made of plastic are usually not. This applies at least when the grass border itself consists of a material such as stainless steel and the fixing material should fit.


However, they want to attach a weed fleece or a protective plan for the winter in the ground, ground anchor made of plastic are a cost-effective solution that enables more than sufficient safeguard thanks to typically existing barbs.


Are soil anchors necessary for all lawnants?


Not always it is necessary to set the use of ground anchors when laying corners. Depending on what model you decide, it can be, for example, that instead you need a foundation of concrete to safely use your corner in the ground.


In this case, the concrete foundation fulfills the same function as an earth anchor and ensures that the corner has sufficient support and does not slip even if loaded.


Further applications for ground anchors


Earth anchors are available in different versions for different purposes. They can not only be used as a soil anchor for rectors, but also for attachment to other objects, such as tents in the form of so-called herring.


apart from that, for example, ground anchors can be used for the following purposes:


  • attachment of garden games for children

  • securing party tents

  • fixation of advertising banners

  • additional backup a wooden swing

  • attachment of umbrellas


as you see are the possibilities for earth anchors numerous. Basically, always make a good choice if you want to fix an item safely without resorting to complex, or lasting solutions like a concrete foundation. The prerequisite is,

Of course, that the substrate allows the driving of the ground anchors and it is not a bottom of asphalt or similar materials.


Tips for correct setting of ground anchors


Best the ground anchors with a hammer made of rubber into the ground. If you only own a hammer with metal head, you should definitely unsighted a piece of wood to damage the soil anchors when taking.


If the underground is very hard, you can safely loosen him if necessary before turning with a spade. Put the ground anchor at a distance of about a meter. If your corner has a total length of ten meters, you will need ten ground anchors for the laying to ensure good stability.


What do you have to pay attention to the purchase of ground anchors?


Of course, it is important that you pay attention to a good quality and weather-resistant materials when buying your ground anchors. In addition, they should also ensure that the soil anchors of their choice are suitable for the respective corner.


because it is quite a difference whether you have decided on a wide or narrow grass limit. To ensure easy installation, the dimensions of the ground anchors must be different depending on the dimensions of the rectens.


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