High-quality gabions for the creative design of your garden


Gabions impress with longevity, an appealing optics and versatile uses in the garden design. Therefore, it should hardly be surprised that the robust stone baskets enjoy very popular with more and more hobby gardeners.


What are gabions?


Yes, there are stable grating baskets that can be filled with stones. For this reason, they are sometimes called stone baskets. Gabions are available in different sizes and shapes.


For example, they are in the form of rounds and square pillars as well as straight and curved wall elements at different heights and widths. Which variant is the right one depends on the intended use of the stone baskets.


Why gabions are a good choice at garden design


  • The baskets can be easily set up and fill with stones.

  • For assembly, no special skills or special tools are required.

  • Gabions are weather-resistant, durable and easy-care.

  • Thanks to countless variants, the robust stone baskets offer a variety of design options.


Gabions for demanding hobby gardeners


Thanks to their high stability and longevity, gabions are the perfect choice for demanding hobby gardeners. In contrast to wooden components, the stone baskets do not have to be painted at regular intervals.


Despite manageable care, keep the weather influences smoothly and also look excellent years after setting up. If you want to set skillfully with the garden design, without starting every year from scratch and fix the weather-related damage, you are definitely right with the purchase of gabions.


Gabions for commercial enterprises and public sites


In view of their high stability, gabions have long been suitable for the design of the home garden. They can also be well used for the design of public places or outer areas of commercial enterprises, such as restaurants, and also points there with their longevity as well as their low care effort.


Gabions: Ideal for the creative garden design


Apart from the extraordinary longevity, gabions can also impress with their extremely diverse uses. As a result, their creativity in the garden design almost no limits are set.


Use the stone baskets, for example, as a garden fence, for the construction of a highbeepet or as a congregation, with which you can hide unattractive parts of your garden, such as the parking space of your waste barrel.


maybe you wish a special seating or a garden fireplace, which there is no other garden in the neighborhood. Also in this case, gabions in the appropriate form and size are an excellent choice for the implementation of their project.


Gabions Hochbeet: A great alternative to wood


If you want to create a high bed and do not want to put on the usual wooden kits, gabions are the perfect alternative.


Using the baskets filled with stones, make your highbed for an absolute eye-catcher in the garden, where you can enjoy thanks to the weather resistance of the materials for many years.


Use gabions, for example, to create a high bed for vegetables or fruits or beautify your garden with colorful flowers. The possibilities are great and the stone baskets ensure that their plants are well protected and can thrive optimally.


Gabion Fence: In no time a look for measure


Depending on local conditions, it may be necessary to shield the own garden in front of the curious views of neighbors or passers-by.


Gabions are ideal for use. Because a gabion fence, or a gabion wall can not only be set up in no time. The stone baskets also fulfill their purpose directly after assembly.


On the other hand, they would put on a hedge as a view protection, they would have to wait several years until the plants have reached a sufficient height and grew together. With a gabion wall, this waiting time is omitted. In addition, they save themselves the care expenditure associated with a hedge, without having to do without an optically appealing garden limitation.


Which stones are suitable for gabions?


It's not just the numerous different forms that give gabions so diverse. In addition, you can also provide your personal taste by choosing the stones for filling for an individual look.


For example, use round stones, breakage stones or ornamental chases. As long as the stones have a sufficient size so as not to fall through the grating of the gabions, they have free choice for the form.


This is basically also for the color of the stones. For a Mediterranean ambience, for example, they are precisely right with warm colors, while white stones are particularly noble and subtle, dark colors particularly timeless.

Of course, if you want, you may also combine different colors together.


Although the choice of stones is largely left to them, they should take into account the location of the gabions in their decision. Because in shady and damp areas, there are comparatively fast moss and algae on the stones. Since this is easier to see light materials, dark stones can help in this case to avoid additional care effort.


Clean and maintain gabions


Gabions are very easy to care for overall. Nevertheless, from time to time, it may be necessary to free the stones in the baskets of moss and algae. For this purpose, best use a special stone cleaner, as it is available in any well-stocked hardware store.


Apart from this, you can usually do without high-quality gabions on other care measures and still rely on a long life.


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