Slug Barrier

Slug Barrier: natural and durable worm protection

Snails can prove a true plage in the summer. Without suitable countermeasures, such as Slug Barriers, the annoying pests are able to eat whole Beete Bahl and so destroy so flowers or freshly planted vegetables in no time.

However, by setting up a Slug Barrier, this can be effectively avoided and the beds can be reliably protected from an infestation with snails. At the same time, such a worm protection has the advantage that it does not work without the use of dangerous chemicals and thus neither for animals nor for people is a risk.

The advantages of a Slug Barrier at a glance

Setting up a Slug Barrier to defense snails has numerous advantages of which you can benefit as a hobby gardener. Do you want to effectively fight snails in your garden, they are therefore exactly right with the assembly of a Slug Barrier.

One of the most important advantages of a Slug Barrier include the following points:

●      Once situated, a Slug Barrier permanently provides effective protection against excessive snail infestation.

●      Unlike snail grain, a Slug Barrier is no danger to other animals or people.

●      Through the fence, the food supply is aid for the pests so that they can no longer increase so rapidly.

●      Thanks to a Slug Barrier, significantly fewer snails have to be laboriously removed from hand from the beds.

●      A high-quality metal Slug Barrier also acts as a practical bedmaking.

Snails in your own garden

A completely worm-free garden does not exist in practice. That's not bad either. After all, snails are an important part of nature, which serves, among other things, birds, eggs and various insects as a nutrition source and therefore have to live with the garden owner to a certain extent easily.


Take snails in your own garden, but you can prove yourself annoying without suitable protective measures such as Slug Barriers. Straight nude snails often occur in the dark and wet in large numbers and then preferably eat delicate, fresh plants, such as salad. It is not uncommon for the slimy pests to destroy the entire harvest of so many hobby gardeners overnight.

Particularly annoying: the spanish slug

An nude tile species, which proves to be particularly annoying in our gardens, is the spanish somewhat from southern Europe. It has been found in England since the 1960s and now responsible for the most widely part of all harvest damage caused by snails.

Due to their comparatively high mucus production, it is inedible for many potential eating feasts and therefore, it is avoided, which makes the spread easier. Apart from that, the Spanish slur displaces native snail species, so it makes sense to do something about this pest.

Who wants to protect his harvest or his lovingly designed flowerbeds, therefore does not come around to deal with the subject of a snail defense and, for example, put on a Slug Barrier or other methods.

How does a Slug Barrier work?

Snails are known to continue very slowly. For this purpose they produce a mucus layer over which they can crawl along the ground. Despite its low speed, snails are excellent climbers, which sometimes climb several meters high and so seemingly effortlessly infaused different plants.

A Slug Barrier is a mechanical barrier to the helical defense. The special design with outwardly curved upper edges ensures that snails can not overcome the Slug Barrier despite its manageable height, since it does not offer enough stops.

Why our Slug Barrier is a good choice

Many hobby gardeners want to use as fast as possible and uncomplicated methods as possible during the fight against a snail. In addition to snail traps, which attract the pests with a suitable bait, therefore also delights a snail grain very much.

However, both methods are only conditionally recommended and therefore no real alternative to mounting a Slug Barrier. Although the beer traps that are often set up in gardens are quite reliable. However, the pests often drown in them qualifying. This circumstance should be considered any case before setting up.

Snail grain, however, are poisoned baits. The vermi-vessel sealant is strewn in the garden where there are snails and eat. The consumption of the snail grain ends for the pests also fatal. However, the use of snail grain brings a crucial problem with it.

For depending on the ingredients contained, the chemical resources against snails can also represent a serious danger for wildlife and dogs and cats or even for small children. The disposal of snail grain therefore wants to be well considered. A Slug Barrier proves to be significantly harmless alternative.

Snails multiply very fast

Apart from ethical and security aspects once, it must also be considered that not all snails in the garden have long been visible and the pests can multiply very quickly. So nude snails can sometimes store up to 400 eggs at once, from which further snails are then developed.

Whether such a large number of pests can actually be effectively eliminated with the help of traps or toxic preparations, at least can be doubted. Secure your own beds with a robust screw plate, it already appears much more meaningful.

Finally, a Slug Barrier must only be set up once to ensure permanent worm protection. In this way, hobby gardeners can save a lot of work in the snail deflist and use their time for other things.

a Slug Barrier as a bed setting

Beet enclosures are available in numerous different variants and represent an excellent tool in the design of their own garden. In particular, they serve to distinguish the beds visually from the rest of the garden and also help to avoid growths of plant roots.

Who wants to use the design element at the same time to keep snails away from his taret, is just right with a Slug Barrier. Because a Slug Barrier is basically a bedmaking.

The essential difference is actually only in the fact that the Slug Barrier causes a special design for this ensuring that snails can not simply crawl over the bedding margin during the search and get to the plants behind it.

With a Slug Barrier you can achieve two goals in the garden design. On the one hand, they ensure optical bed limitation and the other protect fruits, vegetables and flowers in front of an infestation with the annoying pests.

Slug Barriers in different versions

Who chooses a Slug Barrier as a worm protection, will quickly find that they are available in very different versions. Slug Barriers differ in terms of its exact operation as well as in terms of the material from which they exist.

Slug Barriers made of metal

A Slug Barrier made of metal is particularly robust and durable. Because the weather-resistant material is largely insensitive to weather influences and normally keeps it, even if you accidentally occur on the protective bedding margin.

Of course, this quality has its price and a metal Slug Barrier is accordingly expensive compared to other screws for the helical defense.

Nonetheless, a metal-made screw protection is an excellent choice. Who wants to protect its beds permanently before an infestation with the annoying pests, is thus correct with this variant of a Slug Barrier, despite a slightly higher acquisition cost correctly.

Plastic Slug Barriers

In addition to Slug Barriers made of metal are also available plastic models. These are solid plastic modules connected to each other and that the beet also surrounds. Compared to the Metal variant, solutions for the plastic screw protection provide a larger selection, as far as the design is concerned.

A Slug Barrier made of plastic is well suited as a robust and permanent bedmaking. The material is also largely weather-resistant. However, sun radiation as well as cold and heat can lead to damage. In addition, plastic is of course less stable, so that he does not stand so well with the garden care as a Slug Barrier of metal.

Slug Barriers made of PVC

In addition to sturdy plastic there are Slug Barriers even in the form of thin rolls made of PVC. Such a worm protection is particularly inexpensive. In addition, neither cold nor heat the PVC can harm.

However, Slug Barriers made of PVC are not too robust and their handling can sometimes make themselves difficult. If you are looking for the protection of your plants as a reasonably possible solution, this variant of a Slug Barrier can still take a closer look.

Slug Barriers with bristles

A Slug Barrier with bristles is another variant that you can choose for your garden. Such a fence consists of many small brushes, through which the snails should not get so easily in the beds.

This variant is characterized by its low price as well as its inconspicuous look. However, Slug Barriers with bristles do not offer a hundred percent protection from the annoying pests. Apart from that, they can not be firmly anchored in the ground so that the stability of such a construction is sometimes to be desired.

wire fences

This version is Slug Barriers that consist of a wire mesh. They are also quite inexpensive, thanks to their unobtrusive design not immediately in the eye and should keep snails away from taretes away.

Experience shows that this is not always reliable. Who puts value on the most effective worm protection, should therefore rather grab to Slug Barriers made of solid elements made of plastic or metal.

Snail rings for the protection of individual plants

If you do not want to protect the complete bed, but only individual plants from snails, a so-called snail ring represents the right choice for this purpose. A snail ring is simplified for a bucket where the soil is missing and whose Top edge is bent to the outside.

Snail rings, which are available from both plastic and metal, are simply pushed over the plant to be protected and pressed into the ground. If you are looking for a fast method for the snail defense and do not have to protect a larger number of plants, worm rings as a screw fence in thumbnail can be a low-cost and easy-to-use solution.

Electric worm fences

In addition to normal Slug Barriers made of metal, there are also special electrical models. At these, the snails get a light electric shock. In this way, the pests should not only be held in the beds in the beds, but also equal to the same way.

An electric Slug Barrier is usually slightly more expensive compared to conventional models. In addition, such a worm fence requires slightly more maintenance, which should always take into account before acquisition.

What makes a good Slug Barrier?

Considering the large selection of different models, it is not always easy to find a Slug Barrier that meets your own ideas and at the same time can convince qualitatively.

Basically, it is advisable to put on snail plates, which consist of high quality, weather-resistant metal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with particularly inexpensive Slug Barriers and it is only a matter of time until the laboriously mounted worm protection begins to corrode or otherwise damages.

This makes a supposed bargain not rarely proving to be a poor investment, which ultimately not only costs more money, but also due to the necessary exchange of the Slug Barrier also causes duplicate work.

By starting from the beginning to a more robust screw fence from high-quality materials, make sure that your worm protection will reliably fulfill its task for many years and your plants are optimally protected in front of an infestation with pests.

Mounting a Slug Barrier

Setting up a Slug Barrier is usually not too complicated. Depending on the model, the exact procedure sometimes may vary something. Regardless, it is primarily about ensuring that your Slug Barrier is stably fixed in the ground.

When mounting a metal Slug Barrier, you should make sure that this is far enough in the ground. For this purpose, sting a spade of about ten centimeters deep groove around the bed, in which they can then use the worm plates.

If necessary, open Earth and press the floor well on the worm fence. Make sure your construction is straight and no gaps. In addition, it is important that the Slug Barrier has no direct contact with the plants and no leaves or shoots overhangs that can be used by snails as a climbing help.

How far does a Slug Barrier protrude out of the ground?

In order for their screw fence actually represents an insurmountable obstacle for snails, it is necessary that he has a sufficient height. Therefore, make sure that the worm plate protrudes a good 15 centimeters out of the ground. Otherwise, it can certainly happen that the Slug Barrier is overcome by the annoying pests and therefore can only meet its function as a worm protection.

When should a Slug Barrier be set up?

Basically, it is left to you when exactly you want to set up your Slug Barrier. In order to achieve the best possible effect, however, it is advisable to assemble the worm protection either in autumn or in spring before they start with the planting of their beds.

Why should you surround the beds for an optimal screw protection?

Snails put your eggs in the ground. Some snail types bring it per shelf to up to 400 single snail eggs. By surrounding the earth in the late autumn as well as at the beginning of spring, release existing snail eggs. These are eliminated by fressfeins, frost and sun, so they minimize the potential number of pests from the beginning.

Alternatives to the Slug Barrier

Of course, a Slug Barrier does not provide the only way available to you for the helical defense. In addition, there are several other methods that you can use.

However, we advise against the application of a snail grain for this purpose. Because depending on the active ingredient, snails for eating skills such as hedgehogs and birds can quickly become deadly danger. This also applies to children who can also access a life-threatening poisoning through a snail grain.

If possible, prefer to use natural solutions to get the infestation with snails in your garden. For example, the following methods can also be perfectly combined with a worm fence to ensure a particularly effective worm protection.

The following options are available as an alternative, or supplement to your Slug Barrier:

●      Setting up worm traps

●      Collect snails with a screw tong

●      Natural food skins in the garden

Complete Slug Barriers with snail traps

Snail traps are equipped with a bait whose smell attracts snails. For example, the bait may be beer or even some salad leaves. Depending on the type of snail trap, the pests drown into it or can not leave and then removed by hand.

The latter is certainly the more humane variant. However, you should keep in mind that snails can cover surprisingly large distances and therefore the exposure in the immediate vicinity it does not necessarily stay long-lasting away.

As a supplement to a Slug Barrier, snail traps can help to reduce the number of pests in your garden in addition to getting a better grip on the existing screw. For this purpose, best set several worm traps in different corners in the garden.

Collect snails with a snail pliers

A screw tong is a practical tool that allows you to pick up released snails in your beds by hand. Through their special shape, snails and even snail eggs can be grabbed very well with her without having to touch the slimy body of pests.

Depending on the size of the garden, a snail pliers alone probably is not enough to ensure reliable worm protection. However, as an environmentally friendly and inexpensive supplement to a Slug Barrier, it is a good choice in any case.

Natural charms of snails in your own garden

From the perspective of nature, there are strictly no pests. Accordingly, also snails are an indispensable component of the natural cycle. Both snails and snail eggs serve numerous animals as food.

By providing good living conditions for good living conditions such as hedgehogs and birds in your garden, you can help reduce the number of snails in a very natural way.

In this context, however, in this context, keep in mind that this shape of the helical defense in one of people-created garden only works conditionally, as there are a particularly rich food offering and greatly multiply. Nevertheless, you should not completely ignore the possibilities of Mother Nature with regard to the elimination of snails.

Snail protection for highbeds

Highbeds are tended to hit rarers of snails. Nonetheless, the skilful climbing artists can also overcome the edge of a highbeepet and then do large damage to their plants in the worst case.

To prevent this, it is important that you take into account the topic of worm protection when planning your highbeepet. For this purpose, for example, the installation of a low-cost Slug Barrier is available in brush shape or a special worm edge.

Apart from that, it can help if the high bed is getting wider upwards. In this way, they also make the pests hard to crawl up the side and get to their plants. The laying of copper bands, however, despite other recommendations, neither for highbears nor in other places in the garden is an effective method for the worm protection.

Which Slug Barrier is the right one for my bed?

Basically, it is not possible to say flat-rate, which a worm fence represents the right choice for you. Depending on local conditions and individual requirements, various solutions may be useful.

To equip whole beds with a durable and long-lasting worm protection, we recommend that you decide on a robust screw fence of metal.

, on the other hand, want to spend as little money as possible, inexpensive plastic or PVC snare fences can be the right choice despite its most limited lifetime. Are you merely about the protection of individual plants, they are in turn with worm rings correctly.

So take a moment to browse a moment to browse in our assortment and select the best-appropriate Slug Barrier. In this way, you avoid a bad buy that brings you only frustration or maybe even unnecessary costs in the end.

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