Lawn Edging

High-quality lawns for demanding hobby gardeners

A lush, green lawn is the wish of many hobby gardeners. A matching corner can contribute significantly to separate the lawn visually from the rest of the garden. It is therefore an indispensable tool for the garden design.

Raskants are available in numerous different materials. Among other things, you can choose when buying your lawns between cortene steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

You have a free hand when designing your lawn limitation and can decide exactly for the corner that meets your ideas. As long as you pay attention to a good quality, you can basically not go wrong with your decision.

Why the laying of a corner is worthwhile

Lawnants bring a series of advantages. First of all, they are a simple but effective design element with which they can beautify their garden.

Due to the laying of a matching rod edge, you can spot your lawn visually from garden paths and flowerbeds. Since lawns are available in very different variants, you can always choose the model for this purpose that best suits your garden.

Apart from this, a corner has also a practical benefit. Among other things, it ensures that grasses can not easily spread in adjacent flowerbeds. In addition, a corner facilitates mowing at the edges and can also help to reduce potential growths of plant roots.

Raskants in different versions

If you decide on the laying of lawnants, you will quickly find that the selection of different materials is great. First of all, therefore, it is important to make a decision and select the right corner for your own garden.

Let yourself be a little time to plan and throw a look at our extensive assortment in peace. After all, a corner is nothing, what you want to relocate each year again. By making sure that matching materials right from the beginning to your garden, make sure that the end result meets your ideas.

Metal rectors, aluminum and steel

Raskanten made of metal, aluminum and steel are particularly common in gardens. They can be easily embedded and normally made of weather-resistant materials.

In addition, rase cleanings made of metal with flexible application possibilities can score points and not only used as a limitation of the lawn, but also as a border for flowerbeds or trees.

Robust rods made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is known to be very robust and durable. It is therefore ideal for use to be used as a corner. Stainless steel legs are the perfect choice if you value a modern look and high stability.

If the protective layer of the stainless steel is not damaged, corners can not be corroded therefrom. As a result, they are extremely weather-resistant and insensitive to the acidic milieu of the soil.

At the same time, stainless steel can be relocated very flexibly, depending on the model despite its robustness. You can therefore use them well even if you need a round corner or follow the curves of a garden path.

Unique rectens from Cortenstahl

Corten steel is a long-lasting structural steel, which is very popular due to its typical rust optics. Because by the rust on the surface, a rectens of Cortenstahl receives a very special look that brings the impression as if the material was already very old.

Since Cortenstahl corrodates only superficially, you do not have to worry about the life of your lawns. The material is extremely stable and is used, among other things, for the disguise of the facades of houses.

Raskanten made of Cortenstahl represent a perfect choice if you want to combine longevity and an extraordinary look skillfully. Thanks to the robust material, you can rely on the fact that your rectangular environmental influences can be reliably withstand and exchanging the turf bound on foreseeable time is not required.

Raskanten made of aluminum

Aluminum is a light metal that applies from aluminum foil to cars for cars to the construction of small ships in countless areas. Among other things, aluminum is also very good for the production of lawns.

Lakes made of aluminum are characterized by their low weight. This ensures that the laying can easily succeed without a second person. Apart from this, characterize a modern look. Because in contrast to Cortenstahl does not corrode aluminum normally.

Although aluminum is quite stable, it is not so much resilient, such as stainless steel. This circumstance should be considered in the planning. For particularly highly frequented gardens, a rod edge of aluminum is therefore only conditionally suitable.

inexpensive plastic rods

Of course, your corner does not necessarily have to consist of metal. Instead, they can also decide for a rectangular plastic. Compared to materials such as aluminum or cortene steel, plastic is usually significantly cheaper.

Nevertheless, the material is weather-resistant, so that a long life is usually easily guaranteed. In addition, since the use of this variant is usually not unnecessary environmental impairment is used in the production of plastic corners made of plastic.

Raskants made of plastic are available in countless versions. For example, opt for practical meterware that you can embarrass you in no time. Apart from that, plastic lawns are offered, for example, also offered in stone look, so that they have free choice with a small budget in the garden design.

Basically, it can easily record a plastic rectum with regard to its lifetime with aluminum or stainless steel. However, they should be aware that the resilience of plastic is significantly lower.

particularly practical: corner as a band

In addition to individual elements, which are plugged into each other to achieve the necessary length, there are rase clutters as a band. A rase band band can be easily embarrassed. Because it just has to be rolled out and tailored to the required length before it is laid in the soil.

Laukantenbänder are also available in different materials. For example, you can choose from aluminum, cortene steel or plastic in such a rase edge.

This way is ensured that your rectangular tape is exactly your ideas and the corner you laid with a few steps is perfectly inserted into the overall picture of your garden.

Robust and individual: Raskanten made of stone

If you prefer natural materials in the design of your garden, you can use different stones for your lawns instead of plastic and metal.

In this case, there are numerous possibilities to choose from. Especially popular building materials for the garden design are, for example, granite, travertine, sandstone and limestone. In addition, they can also use natural stones but also wall bricks or roof tiles and create a unique rod edge with them.

Since most stones are very robust and weather resistant, they must not worry about the life of their corner of natural stone normually. However, they should be aware that the laying of a rectum of stone is comparatively expensive and sometimes requires some additional work steps.

But if you are ready to accept that, you will certainly be more than satisfied with the result. Finally, stones allow them a particularly individual design of their corner, which is not found in any other garden.

Made for eternity: concrete lawns

Concrete is particularly insensitive to external influences. This makes him an excellent material if you value resilience and longevity in your corners. Concrete lawns require no special care. They do not have to be coated or otherwise treated.

At the same time, concrete is characterized by its enormous flexibility and a wide range of different colors. You can choose from numerous different shapes for your corner and thus bet both curves and straight lines with a robust limit.

Before your purchase, however, keep in mind that a concrete corner has long not been as easy as a lightweight rod tape made of metal or plastic. Apart from that, concrete does not fit for every garden. It can therefore be quite sure that you make the better choice with another variant.

Rasekanten offer a variety of design options

Raskants prove to be extremely versatile and can therefore make an important contribution to the design of their garden. This is not only due to the numerous different versions and materials, but also because a corner is long ago not only suitable as a border for the meadow.

In addition, you can use lawnants, for example, as bedmaking and optically upgrade their flowerbeds in this way. Also trees and garden paths can be perfectly staged with a suitable rod edge.

Her creativity is thus practically no limits. We are therefore convinced that they will be excited about the optical effect of their lawns and do not want to miss them in their garden in the future.

Create garden routes with the help of a corner

Of course, garden paths include each garden. With a corner, the application of their ways is particularly easy. Even curves are not a problem.

You do not have to limit yourself to a straight course, but can plan your garden route according to your wishes and implement. The laying of a corner helps you to clear the way clearly from your lawn so that this visually perfectly comes to validity.

Of course, the choice of material remains completely up to you. Depending on the planned course of the way, there are very different solutions to choose from. Should your way in curved lines run through the garden, but you need a corner that offers you the necessary level of flexibility.

Nonetheless, in this case it does not necessarily have to be a rasping edge tape of metal or plastic. Alternatively, their lawns can also consist of stones. It should therefore not be difficult for them to find a material corresponding to their wishes for their corner as a demarcation for the garden path.

Before you start working, we recommend that you create a sketch of your garden path and to clear and highlight its course. In this way, you know in advance where the lawn has removed and the soil must be removed.

Normally, a spade is sufficient for this purpose. However, you have to remove a lot of soil with narrow garden channels. The workload associated with it is usually quite large.

After removing the earth, you can set the corner at the edge of the way and replenish the earth. Now it's time to complete the garden path. For example, use gravel for this. With this, your new garden path can not only fill very quickly. He is also available in countless different sizes and colors.

What characterizes a good corner?

It is important that you pay attention to good quality when buying lawns. This means, in particular, that the material from which they exist must be resistant as possible.

Because if you just embarrass an untreated sheet as a corner, you can be sure that this starts to rust in no time and you need to replace the bordering of your lawn soon. That's frustrating and costs them unnecessarily.

However, apart from that, you can choose largely freely which corner you want to lay in your garden. If you prefer a particularly uncomplicated variant, they are precisely correct with a rugged rod edge of aluminum or stainless steel.

If, on the other hand, you would like a slightly natural look, could be a corner of stones the perfect solution for you. However, in this case, you need to expect the laying of your grass border with a significantly higher workload.

In view of the fact that your corner is likely to be an integral part of your garden for many years, but you should not use the expenditure associated with the laying of the laying and instead of a long service life primarily on an appealing and Pay attention to the overall picture.


Metal sanders and steel are easy to handle

If you want to reliably prevent grasses uncontrolled in your tarpaulin and spread on your garden routes, a rectangular metal is the best choice. Because she sits deep enough in the ground to stop the roots of the grass, so they are not constantly unnecessary work with the parting of the margins of the lawn.

This is basically also applies to a rectangular stones with concrete foundation. In contrast, however, our practical metal edges can be released especially fast and uncomplicated in the ground. At the same time, a large selection of different profiles ensures that you will be guaranteed when buying your corner a solution that you like will find.

Advantages of a rectum of metal or steel

Raskanten made of metal and steel have many advantages. In addition to the simple handling during laying, among other things, their high flexibility counts. Thus, with metal, among other things, despite its robustness, it is easily possible to lay a corner round and to surround a tree with it, for example.

To the largest advantages of metal and steel bars include, in particular, the following points:

●      Longevity and weather resistance

●      Available in different colors

●      Easily adaptable to the correct length

●      Low weight and therefore easy to transport

●      No concrete foundation required for laying required

●      Ideal for a modern garden design

●      Comparatively inexpensive in the acquisition

●      No expensive special tool for assembly necessary

Special lawns for Moror Boats

A Moror Boat has a border itself. For this reason, he can not detect edges and corners. This has the consequence that at the edges of her lawn always a narrow strip remains.

In order to avoid this and after the use of the Morternobot, not to create a hand, we recommend buying a right mower. A mower edge is equipped with a spacer designated as a web.

The bridge is on the floor and forms a right angle with the mower. Through it, it is ensured that the mornery robot can mow the entire lawn and no disturbing stripes left at the edge.

How is a rasp edge relocated?

Basically, it is not too complicated to lay a corner in your own garden. However, in advance, you should invest some time in planning. In this way, you save unnecessary work and ensure that the end result is actually matching your ideas.

Depending on the projects, it may be reasonable to capture the course of your corner in advance on a drawing, so you do not overlook any relevant points and the practical implementation falls as easily as possible.

Important tools for mounting the corner

In addition to the actual corner you need some tools for installation. However, expensive special tools are not required in most cases.

With the following tools, you can turn your ratchet encircle in no time:

●      Bauschnur and wooden pcs

●      Water level

●      Hammer rubber

●      Spade and wheelbarrow

First, you should mark the planned course of the rectens. For this purpose, take a wooden candle into the ground for this purpose and clamp the Bauschmark in between. For a curved or round rod edge, use a garden hose for this purpose, which you simply place on the floor.

Dig away with the spade along their marking, so that a suitable groove in which the rasp edge can be laid. Earth simply collect in her wheelbarrow and fill up after laying the lawn border.

Now put the corner in the ground. Use the rubber hammer if necessary. Depending on the nature of the soil and type of grass limit you chosen, it may additionally be necessary for sufficient stability to fix the corner by means of a suitable ground anchor.

Control with the spirit level before filling the earth, whether your construction is straight. Do not use a hammer of metal to insert your corner because you would easily damage the material.

Lay the razor in a concrete foundation

Please note that not every type of corner can be embarrassed as described. Depending on the material and design, a concrete foundation may certainly be necessary to fix the grass border properly in the ground.

For this purpose, you need the raw materials for the concrete and best a concrete mixer, which you can usually borrow in the hardware market quite inexpensive. If you want to save the associated costs, you can of course touch your concrete with your hand. Especially with larger quantities, however, this is associated with a quite high workload.

Regardless, they must first pour the concrete foundation and then put the individual elements of their corner in this. Make sure your grass limitation is straight with a spirit level and make corrections if necessary.

Did you do that, you only have to be patient and wait until the concrete foundation is completely cured, which can take some time depending on the length and width. Once the foundation is dried, you can fully burden your corner and if desired joints with mortar.

Is a concrete foundation for rods made of stone mandatory?

In principle, lawns of stones do not necessarily have to be laid in a foundation of concrete. However, have the individual elements of their lawn limitation a high weight, it is advisable to use at least one foundation compacted with a handstorms from sand and gravel.

Especially with larger concrete parts or natural stones, there is another risk that individual elements lower and their with a lot of effort corner will increase increasingly over time.

Practical accessories for lawn edges

In our online shop, you will not only find a wide range of lawns in various designs and different materials. In addition, we of course also lead accessories that you need for the laying of your corner in the garden. Our assortment includes practical corner joints as well as ground anchors, with which they can fix their lawns stable in the ground.

With our help, the laying of your lawn limits will thus be guaranteed smoothly without having to spend a lot of time in a hardware store for your purchase or to transport everything trouble with your own car.

Buy high-quality lawns online

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Select, for example, between rectens of cortene steel, aluminum or high-quality stainless steel. We are sure that we also have something suitable for you.

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