High-quality drop pipes for a long-lasting roof drainage system


A rain trough including falling tubes is of course belonging to the basic equipment of each roof. Finally, a sufficiently dimensioned roof drainage system ensures that it does not come to the house walls with the time of moisture damage.


Of course, it offers it to be offered to gather the water from the downpipes in regent tons and to use it to irrigate your own garden. Regardless of the purchase of rain tubes, care should be paid to a good quality so that the long life is guaranteed without elaborate repairs.


The most important thing about fall pipes at a glance


  • As an important part of the roof drainage system, fall pipes must necessarily have the correct size.

  • The water caught with the gutter can be used by the connected rain tubes in the sewer be directed.

  • If the rainwater is to be used for casting, fall pipes can be equipped with a rain collector.

  • rain tubes are both Available from plastic and different metals, wherein, among other things, the service life may vary depending on the material.

  • Mounting the drop pipes are various connection tubes as well as sleeves and other components for connecting to Free of charge.

  • For garden houses, fall pipes can be used with a lower diameter to collect rainwater for casting.


Size and number of downpipes


To reliably derive the rainwater, it is imperative that the drop pipes connected to the rain trough have the appropriate size. The necessary inner diameter as well as the number of rain pipes depends on various factors that must already be considered when planning the roof drainage system.


In addition to the rainfall, especially the roof area to be dewatering plays a role. For a 40-square meter roof, for example, an inner diameter of 60 millimeters as a guide value, while a roof area of ​​150 square meters are 100 millimeters.


Despite the term fall tube, the water moves mostly not in free fall by the tube in the rain. Instead, it flows mainly along the inner wall of the rain tube.


Drop pipes from different materials


Case pipes are available from different materials. In addition to rain pipes made of plastic there are also pipes made of stainless steel and different metals. Each material has both advantages and disadvantages.


Basically, it is natural to buy gutters and fall pipes from the same material. This has not only optical reasons, but also lies that some metals can notlerate with each other and corrode with direct contact particularly quickly.


Drop pipes made of plastic


Plastic rain tubes are particularly inexpensive and easy to assemble. At the same time, they are characterized by a high weather resistance. In comparison to metal pipes, but pipes made of plastic have a lower lifespan, which should be considered in view of the acquisition costs.


Drop pipes from zinc


In addition to rain pipes made of plastic, especially pipes of zinc, or titanium zinc are very popular. The material is robust and durable, which is why the slightly higher price is quite expecting. On zinc-down pipes, a characteristic gray patina forms over time, which can be prevented by timely painting of rain pipes.


Drop pipes from other metals


Among other things, copper and stainless steel for the production of rain tubes are also used in addition to titanium access. Case pipes made of stainless steel are very robust and practically corrosion-free. Their comparatively high price makes themselves quite paid thanks to their high life and stability in the long term.


This is also valid for copper, which is not least due to the green color that accepts the surface over time. Since copper is strongly corroding during contact with some other metals, however, a combination with other materials is only conditionally possible.


Lace rainwater from the downpipe into the regentonne


Of course, rain tubes and connected detached pipes serve primarily the roof drainage. This does not mean that the water collected in this way must inevitably land in the channelation.


If you own your own garden, your fall pipes should instead equip with rainwater collectors with which the water is derived in regent tons and then when needed for garden irrigation can be used.


After all, rainwater is completely free of charge in contrast to water from the line. Apart from that, the casting with rainwater of the consumption of drinking water can be reduced by the casting with rainwater, so not only your purse, but also the environment benefits.


Connection elements and practical accessories for drop pipes


To properly mount down pipes, natural connection elements are required. These include, for example, sleeves and shell seals. If two rain tubes are to be merged, a so-called pipe or even a Y pipe can be used, depending on the pipe.


Apart from that, there are various accessories as among other things also the already mentioned rainwater collectors as well as gravel baskets, with which foliage and other dirt can be collected, so that the downpipes do not clog.


Rain pipes for garden houses


While residential buildings in each case require a roof drainage system with matching rain tues and downpipes, the assembly of a corresponding system on garden houses is not mandatory.


Nevertheless, she makes sense to avoid moisturizing damage to the garden cottage and gather additional rainwater for casting. Of course, for a garden hut rich much thinner drop pipes, as the roof area compares to residential buildings significantly smaller.


As far as the material is concerned from which the rain tubes exist, however, the same points also apply to the differences in price as well as at the expected lifetime during the installation at the garden house.


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