Irrigation hose

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In order for the plants in the garden to grow optimally, sufficient irrigation is essential at least in the summer months. Instead of the cumbersome supply of heavy watering cans, it is important to put on a practical irrigation hose for this purpose.


The biggest advantages of an irrigation hose at a glance


  • Irrigation hoses facilitate the casting of the plants considerably.

  • With a irrigation tube, the water can be distributed especially evenly.

  • Depending on the version, the water consumption in the garden can be reduced by up to 70 percent.

  • The water can be distributed directly over the earth during casting with a garden hose .


Irrigation hoses: far more than a simple garden hose


Irrigation hoses are available in numerous lengths and different variants, so that they can easily be supplied with them very large gardens and can choose garden owners a solution corresponding to their own ideas.


Of course, every hobby gardener knows what a garden hose is and as he connects to his lawn spray or using a suitable attachment to irrigate his plants.


Often, apart from that, there are also a number of other irrigation hoses that differ from simple garden hoses and facilitate the casting of the plants in the garden. In addition to conventional garden hoses, which, among other things, also in the form of practical spiral hoses, include spray hoses, perl hoses and drip hoses.


Spray hoses


The spray hose is the classic under the watering hoses. It is available in different lengths and can easily be connected to a faucet. The water is sprayed out by small holes in the hose and then rains down on the plants in the area. For this reason, the spray hose is often referred to as hose rods.


Drip hoses


A drip hose is equipped with small holes, through which the water escapes dropwise. This variant of the irrigation tube can not only be relocated underground, but under certain conditions underground. By a drip hose, the plant roots are optimally supplied without damaging the flowers and leaves of young plants.


Perl hoses


Thanks to the special material, the water from a perl hose is very slow. Since the tiny water beads are delivered only gradually, a particularly large part of the water reaches the plants. This ensures that little water is wasted and thus unnecessary costs can be saved.


Watering hoses override or underground use


Apart from classic spray hoses, irrigation hoses can also be laid under the earth. In this way they are not in the way and do not disturb the optics. The underground use of an irrigation tube also has the great advantage that the water is delivered directly to the earth and thus hardly evaporates there.


If you choose to embarrass your irrigation hoses above ground, it saves the course of course. However, water consumption in this variant is noticeably higher, as inevitably part of the exiting water evaporates. In contrast to underground irrigation hoses, it should also be noted that there must be sufficiently high water pressure.


High-quality irrigation hoses points with longevity


As with other products for the design and maintenance of the garden, there are also quite large differences in quality of water for irrigation hoses. So that you can rely on a lifetime as long as possible, we recommend providing high quality garden hoses, as you are available for example with us.


Supply watering hoses about regent tons


The irrigation with tap water is not only expensive, but partly only restricted. Many garden owners therefore wonder if they can not easily connect their irrigation hoses to a rain tonne.


Basically that is quite possible. For this purpose, you can use either a compact submersible pump or use gravity to transport the water from the ton over the irrigation hose to the plants.


In this case, however, keep in mind that you need a large rainbonne for your project. Ideally, set a rainforce with a volume of at least 1,000 liters.


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