Lawn Edging Sets

High-quality race edge tape for a perfect bed setting

A corner serves to distinguish the lawn of flowerbeds and garden routes. A particularly practical way to save a lot of time in the implementation is a so-called rasping ribbon

When buying Raskantenbänder, various materials are available. Select, for example, a race edge tape made of cortene steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Metal sanding tape or steel

Raskantenbänder are available in different versions. As a rule, there is a rasping edge tape of metal or steel. Basically, all common materials ensure good quality.

However, it is of course important that you do not just use a simple piece of sheet metal as a rasp edge tape. Because this would soon be rusted due to environmental influences and would therefore have to be replaced after a short time.

Therefore, they use only lawnant bands, which consist of weather-resistant materials. In this way, you save yourself both unnecessary costs and unnecessary work.


At race edge tape from our shop, you can of course rely on that the quality of the product of your choice leaves nothing to be desired and the rectangular corner with a long service life can be convinced.

Which sense does a rasenant band?

A raspenkantband, or a rectangular generally, is a very meaningful tool in the design of its own garden. By laying a corner, the lawn can be distinguished from other parts of the garden, such as quetes, trees and paths.

This ensures a great look and has a practical benefit on the other. For a cleanly relocated race edge tape contributes, among other things, that no grasses can spread in the adjacent flowerbeds and also facilitates mowing the rasp in the edge area.

It is therefore worthwhile in several ways to accept work associated with the laying of a corner and put on a suitable demarcation of the lawn with the garden design.

Rasenkantenband made of Cortenstahl

Cortenstahl is a very robust and durable construction steel, which is used not only for the production of rasping edge bands, but also beyond, for example, as a fairing of house facades.

The peculiarity of Cortenstahl is that the material rusts superfic with time. As a result, a rasping edge tape of Cortenstahl receives an appealing rust optics, which brings the impression that the corner is already very old.

Since Cortenstahl rusts only superficially and underneath a protective layer of sulfates or phosphates formed, the material is still very durable. For a race edge band from Cortenstahl, you can thus rely on the best possible stability and a long service life.

If you are looking for a weatherproof rasp edge tape with a very special rust look, CortenSteel is exactly the right choice for you.

Rasenkantenband made of aluminum

Aluminum is a light metal used in many areas and can be found, among other things, as a rasping edge tape in numerous gardens.


A monkey band made of aluminum is largely stainless. In addition, thanks to its low weight, it is particularly easy to embarrass, so the work also goes well by the hand alone.

With aluminum rasp edge tape, choose a material that optically fits perfectly in modern gardens. However, aluminum is not so stable compared to materials such as stainless steel and cortene steel. An all-too strong load should therefore be avoided in a rasping edge tape made of aluminum if possible.

Stainless steel rasp edge tape

Stainless stainless steel is known for not corroding. If you want to avoid that your lawn edge tape rusts with time, stainless steel is therefore a good alternative to cortene steel.

The stability of stainless steel rasping edge tape is comparable to cortene steel, so you do not have to worry about the longevity as well as the load capacity of your grass limit from steel.

Nevertheless, a race-free steel race-free steel proves to be surprisingly flexible. Therefore, it can therefore be used when the grass area is not rectangular and the border must be laid in curved lines.

Stainless steel raschantenbands are characterized not only by a long life. In addition, just like aluminum, fit in perfectly designed gardens.

Alternatives to a razant band

A rodant band is not the only way to realize a clean delimitation of the lawn of paths and flowerbeds. In addition, there are countless other ways to make lawnants according to their own ideas.

Thus, a rase edge can be set, for example, with stones, concrete elements or even materials such as plastic. The selection of different designs, which are available as an alternative to a rasping edge tape, is great.

Ultimately, it is therefore up to you whether you reach for a practical rasping edge tape or other solution for your lawn edges. Note, however, that both the costs and the workload associated with the laying of the lawn limitation can sometimes be significantly higher.

Rase edge band has many advantages

If you choose to limit your rasp for a rasp edge band, you benefit from many advantages. First of all, the handling of a practical bands proves to be particularly uncomplicated as a rectangular edge.

The laying takes only a little time and also required neither special tools nor special craftsmanship. In addition, even lawnant bands made of stainless steel or cortene steel are relatively light and the insertion into the ground thus also goes well by the hand.

In addition, a rasping edge band is very flexible. Its shape can easily be adapted to the respective requirements, so not only just limitations, but also curved lines are easily possible.

The most important advantages of rase edge tape at a glance:

●      Particularly easy to move

●      Rasenkante round released easily possible

●      Favorable alternative to many other lawns

●      Long life thanks to robust materials

●      Tasty optical demarcation of the lawn

●      Facilitated lawn mowing in the edge regions

●      No unwanted spread of the grass

Raskantenbänder are particularly inexpensive

In addition to their high flexibility and their easy handling, lawnant bands can also convince priced. Especially compared to natural stones and concrete elements, their acquisition is usually significantly cheaper.

You do not have to invest your tummy and yet can rely on the fact that you have decided on robust and durable lawns. Especially if your budget is limited for the garden design, the comparatively low price without a doubt is a great advantage that speaks for the use of a rasping edge band.

How to move a raspenantband?

Raskantenband can easily be embellished. All you need is a spade and some wooden pcs and floor. With the floor of the floor and the wooden plots, you first mark the intended course of the tape.

If the rasen edge tape is to be laid round, you can easily use a garden hose instead of the wooden pests and the base nurse, which they lay out on the floor according to the lawn.

Next, with the spade along their marking, they pierce a narrow groove into the ground in which they can then put the rasping edge band in. Now roll up the tape and slide it into the groove. If necessary, use a plastic hammer to gently drive the rod edge into the ground. However, make sure not to damage the tape.

The finished rectangular ribbon should disappear almost completely in the ground and only stand out a small piece, so it does not tend to be a dangerous stumbling trap nor disturbed when mowing the lawn.

Also pay attention to laying the tape completely. Depending on the material, you can optionally cut it with a sheet metal shear to the correct length.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying rasen edge tape?

As so often, the rectangular tape also applies that the price should not be the only criterion, which must be considered in the purchase decision. After all, you certainly want your corner to fulfill your function as long as possible and you do not have to relocate it again after a few years.

Pay attention to a good quality when purchasing race edge tape and avoid cheap products consisting of inferior materials. But apart from this point, the decision is fully with you and you can orient yourself exclusively on your own taste.

If you want to have a grass limit in a great rust look, you are properly with a race edge tape from Cortenstahl. Prefer a more modern design, we recommend that you grab stainless steel or aluminum to a rasp edge tape.

It does not matter for which variant you decide ultimately. Take a moment and take a look at our assortment. We are sure that we also have a rasen edge band for you, which corresponds to your wishes.

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