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Traubleche: Important protection against moisture for the roof


Traubleche are also referred to as a strip. They are attached to the so-called blur. There they make sure that the water does not flow under the edge of the roof, but as intended in the rain trough.


The most important thing about sustain plate at a glance


  • Traublechs are mounted on the cloud of roofs to protect the roof edge from penetrating water.

  • The assembly of stripes can be used both in home houses as be useful for garden houses, garages and carports.

  • Traublechers usually consist of copper, titanium, steel sheet or aluminum.

  • Metal gutters makes it important to pay attention to the material compatibility when buying the trolley.


What is a trag?


A sustain plate is a folded strip made of sheet metal attached to the roof of the roof. It contributes to the fact that resulting rainwater can run properly into the gutter and does not lead to moisture damage to your roof.


When should a sustain plate be attached?


Whether the assembly of a sustain plate is absolutely necessary can not say flat-rate. Because depending on the design of the corresponding roof, it is quite possible to mount the gutter so that it also prevents rainwater from flowing under the roof tiles without additional stringing strips.


However, if they remember that it is particularly important in regions with more precipitation that the rainwater can flow properly into the gutter and the roof is completely tight. Otherwise, moisture damage to the building, which must be resolved time consuming and costly, usually do not last long in itself.


Care truss sheets correctly


So that the sustain plate can fulfill its function, it is of course important that it is mounted correctly. For house roofs, the strip is usually mounted under the last row of bricks on the meager. So that it reliably retains its position, the sheet is fixed with screws.


Before the actual installation can start, the trolley must first be tailored to the correct length. In order to ensure the best possible waterproof, the individual stripes should overlap easily. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove a piece of the fold on the pages, which is usually not a problem with a sheet metal scissors.


To seal the transitions between two sheets, the use of a suitable, coolable finished seal can be applied, which can be easily applied by means of a brush on the waistplate.


The ready-mounted sustain plate protrudes into the gutter and thus reliably causes the water to penetrate the roof under the bricks, but as desired over the rain trough and the detached pipes connected thereto or in regent tons can be collected for irrigation of the garden.


Trolleys from different materials


Traubleche are made of different materials. In general, you can choose between models of titanium, copper, sheet steel and aluminum.

Of course, the material does not affect the basic functionality of the traud strip.


However, there are certain differences in weather resistance, among other things. Apart from this, some metals, such as copper, oxidize with time, which may be quite desirable due to the patina forming.


Also note when buying that not all metals are tolerated. Depending on which material your gutter is, it can therefore be that you are a bit limited when choosing the associated trolley.


In order to avoid corrosion, for example, it is not advisable to combine copper with titanium or galvanized steel. If, on the other hand, the gutters of their house consist of plastic, they have to worry about in this regard.


Trolleys for garden houses and garages


The assembly of trolling sheets is not exclusively residential buildings reserved, but sometimes make sense for garden houses, garages and carports. There, the traud strip fulfills the same function as a normal house roof by ensuring that no water can get under the roof and lead to damage.


What do you have to pay attention to when buying trollies?


Of course,

the weaving plate does not only have to consist of a suitable material, but also have the right width. In addition, it is important that the traud strip is bent at the correct angle. How big it must be depends on the angle between the roof and the gutter.


To ensure that the waistplate fits, it is recommended to resume exactly before buying. Finally, it is extremely annoying to determine when mounting that the previously purchased material can not be used and must be exchanged.


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