Raised bed

Highbed: Ideal for the creative garden design


The possibilities available to you in the design of your garden are extremely diverse. This does not last for the creation of quetes. Here, in addition to conventional floral and vegetable nets, for example, they can also put on creating some highbeds as a suitable supplement or even as a complete replacement for ground-level beds.

Hochbets are very versatile. They can be built from very different materials and planted with numerous different plants. With the construction of one or more high beds, they opt for a practical and modern design element, which can enrich the overall picture of their lovingly well-kept garden on a skilful species.

If you plan to create high beds in your garden, you are exactly right with us. Because in our shop you will find in addition to many other high-quality products for garden design among others a selection of highest beds, which you can buy directly online and deliver comfortably.


The most important thing about highbed at a glance


  • Highbeds made of wood are very popular and available in many different versions.
  • highbeds of metal like aluminum are characterized by their good weatherability and their long life.
  • In addition to wooden and metal models, there are also highbeds made of plastic and stones.
  • By filling with multiple layers of different materials, they ensure a particularly nutrient-rich floor in the highbed.
  • highbeet are versatile and flexible usable and can be planted with both flowers and fruits and vegetables or herbs.
  • With a little crafted skill you can build a highbed of materials such as stones or pallets yourself.
  • highbeds are not only suitable for garden design, but also represent a good choice for balconies.
  • in our shop you will find high-quality highbeds for your garden, which you can easily buy online.


What is a highbed?


A highbed is a bed that is not ground-level, but increased. For this purpose it is equipped with side walls. These can consist of different materials, such as wood, metal or plastic.


Highbears have many advantages


The creation of high-beds brings different advantages, which is why more and more garden owners put in the design of their garden on the special kind of beds.

Highbeds can be points in particular with the following advantages:

  • The height facilitates the care of the beds.
  • The earth in the high bed warms up earlier.
  • In high beds grows less weeds.
  • Attached Plants grow especially fast with good care.
  • A highbed contributes to a successful garden design.


Highbeds from different materials


If you choose to create a highbeet, you must also make a choice for the building material, not least. Because a highbed can be built from very different materials, each of them,

Of course, has its own advantages.

Which variant is the right thing depends in particular from your personal ideas. Thus, in most cases, you can opt for an individual solution and,

Of course, consider very well considering the appearance of your garden as a whole. After all, their highbeds should not work like foreign bodies, but well fit the rest of their garden.

Highbeds can be built in particular from the following materials:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • stones


The popular classic: wooden wooden


Hochbets made of wood are undoubtedly the classic and accordingly many hobby gardeners to this day still very popular. If you want a natural look as possible for your garden, you will definitely be just right with a wooden bed.

Apart from that, there is a tremendous variety of different sizes and shapes available. You can thus create your highbed of wood very individually and adapt perfectly to your rest garden.

In addition to the classic variant, which consists of a wooden frame set up on the floor, for example, there are models that have feet. In addition, you can even buy multi-storey highbeds made of wood, which are very good for balconies or terraces very well as there is a lot of acreage on little space.

Another visually appealing way for a highbed of wood are also models of willow branches that are braided and remember the appearance of a wicker basket.

As you can see, highbeds of wood have a lot to offer. However, when buying it, you should be aware that the wood weather conditions does not stand forever. You should therefore expect that you regularly maintain your wooden beds, or prepare your material, and the material must eventually be replaced at some point.


Modern and robust: high beds made of metal


In addition to wood, in particular, metal enjoys increasingly popularity when it comes to the construction of attractive and robust high beds. Metal highbeds are available for example made of aluminum or from cortene steel. The advantage of this material is obvious. Because metal is usually much weather-resistant and easy to maintain compared to wood. In accordance with good quality, highbeds made of metal as well as aluminum environmental influences were easily standing many years, so they have a very long pleasure of them.

Apart from it, highbeds made of metal, as you can buy them in our shop, usually very easily assemble. Even inexperienced hobby gardeners have no difficulty with the application of a high-quality highbeet of metal.

They also opt with a highbed of metal for a particularly modern design, which sometimes portray a very good choice depending on the design of the rest of the garden and either perfectly insert it into the overall picture or even make a great contrast.

The whole thing should come a little more rustic, but they are right with a high bed from corten steel. Because of Cortenstahl, there is a superficial corrosion that gives the material its characteristic patina. At the same time, the thin grate layer on the surface protects the underlying material, so that cortene steel can score with a particularly long life.


A versatile alternative: plastic highbeds


If you want a particularly inexpensive and quick to build solution for creating your highbeds, sometimes plastic can be a good alternative.

If you pay attention to a good quality when buying, highbeds made of plastic normally convince with a pretty long service life and good weatherability.

Similar to wood, plastic highbeds are also available in countless different shapes, sizes and colors. In part, the optics of the material is modeled on the appearance of wood. In addition, there are both ground-level models as well as high beds equipped with stand feet.

Some plastic highbeds even look as if they were made of rattan, which gives them a particularly attractive look. Whether you succeed for such a model,

Of course, ultimately a question of your personal taste, which we can not answer you at this point.


Made for eternity: stone highbeds


When it comes to suitable materials for highbeds, stones in the enumeration of course should not be missing. A highbed of stone is very robust, weather-resistant and durable.

Even if there are certain differences in this regard, depending on the stone type, they can usually rely on their stone highbeet overwhelmed for many years and can be red planted again and again.

Regardless of these points highbed from stones normally with a particularly high quality and appealing appearance. A carefully brick highbeet thus represents a great ornament for every tastefully designed garden and would certainly enrich your feel-good oasis.

If you choose this variant, you should remember that the construction of a highbeet from stones compared to the remaining variants usually brings a significantly greater workload. After all, you have to build a stable wall from the stones and proceed as closely as possible to ensure a sufficient stability of the highbeepet.

Depending on the ground, it may even be that you have to cast a foundation of concrete on which you can build the highbed of stones. Is that the case,

Of course, the expense associated with the construction will not be smaller and you need to plan extra time for it.


the right size for the highbed


All the flexibility in terms of materials as well as the shape and size, it is still necessary when creating high beds to comply with certain limits. Although a rectangular highbed can be quite long. With regard to the width, however, you should make sure that you can easily achieve all plants in the BEET.

Depending on whether you can only manage your highbeet from one or both sides, a width of 75 to a maximum of 150 centimeters is recommended. If you have decided on the application of a round of highbeet, the diameter should not exceed 100 centimeters.


Filling Hochbeet: What to pay attention to?


So that the plants can grow optimally, it is of course important that they fill their high bed with fertile ground. Basically, you have different ways. Just pretty flat high beds can easily be filled with flower earths.

Apart from that, however, you can also fill your highbeet with multiple layers of different materials. It offers to fill four different layers on top of each other in the beet. The exact thickness of the individual layers depends on the available material as well as the height of the highbeet as a whole.

The lowest layer should consist of waste of lumber, such as thin branches or branches of shrubs and similar plants. For the second layer, grass cut or foliage is suitable. Next, fill your highbed with a half-caliper compost layer. The end then finally forms a thick layer of high-quality plant earths, on which they can plant the plants of their choice.


Why should a highbed filling if possible consist of multiple layers?


Even if it is not mandatory as mentioned, to fill your highbed with multiple layers, this procedure has a number of critical advantages for planting.

First of all, the lower layers rotten in the highbed with time. This ensures that the plants are supplied with important nutrients over a longer period of time, which of course has a positive effect on their growth.

Apart from that, heat is generated when the lower layers are rotated. As a result, the earth in its highbeet has a comparatively high temperature. This will allow you to start planting relatively early in the year and the plants are usually growing noticeably faster thanks to the heat.



When is a new filling of the highbeds necessary?


If you have filled your high beds in multiple layers, the surface will lower a little bit each year. That's because the material of the lower layers is rotated piece by piece. To counteract this circumstance, simply fill in early plant earth in the spring.

About five or six years after the first filling, the complete material should be rotted in her high bed and become humus. You can spread this in the normal beds of your garden and then fill your highbeet again with the different layers.


Need highbears a vole crash?


Villing mice can cause large damage in gardens and destroy whole vegetable boots. As a garden owner, you should therefore protect your laboriously maintained plants in the best possible way before you.

Depending on the type and location of the highbeet, it may be reasonable to provide the ground with a so-called vole crash. This is a narrow grid of wire, which prevents her plants from falling victim to the annoying nags.

If your highbed is a so-called table bed,

Of course, the assembly of a vole grid due to the missing contact to the ground is not required.

Of course, this also applies to high beds, which, for example, stand on stone slabs on the terrace. In this case, there is usually sufficient protection from the frosty rodents even without a vole grille.


Planting highbeds: You have the choice


Highbeds offer countless possibilities not only with regard to their shape and size as well as the material used for the construction. They can also be planted with very different plants.

Of course, this versatility makes a large part of your stimulus and contributes significantly to the fact that highbeds are increasingly in gardens.

If you are primarily about an optically appealing design of your garden, you can plant your high beds with colorful flowers. Alternatively, they can of course also vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes and strawberries, plants in their high beds or also create a herb highbed.


Hochbete with flowers planting


Of course, it is close to putting on flowering on the plants of highest beds. In this way, make sure that your garden is customized. Basically, they are practically no limits when choosing the flowers.

You can therefore freely develop yourself as part of your possibilities and make your highbears easily with your favorite flowers. However, make sure that the place in the beds for the flowers of their choice is sufficient and the plants are suitable for each location. Depending on whether your highbeet is rather in the shade or in the sun, other flowers can represent a good choice for planting.

But if you look at some simple rules, you can look forward to being a real eye-catcher in your highest beds, which will certainly not only inspire you yourself, but also your guests in the future.


Hochbete with fruits and vegetables planting


Highbeds are not only suitable for plants with flowers. They can also be used to grow fruit or vegetables. The possibilities in this regard are surprisingly varied. Plant your highbeds, for example, with tomatoes, peppers, radishes or even salad.

At fruit, for example, strawberries offer. Especially when you have children, they will accept the healthy and sweet snacks in their own garden under warranty.

Even if you do not become self-catering overnight in this way, the planting of tighn beds with fruits and vegetables is a great way to ensure a lot of variety on the plate and use the own garden particularly useful.


Herbal highbeets for demanding hobby chefs


Herbs are another great way to plant their high beds. With a herb highbed, they bring varied aromas into their kitchen. Plant, for example, basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary or also sage.

You will quickly find how easily the planting of a herb highbeets with a little exercise and care for the plants succeed. Especially if you only have a small highbed and have no own garden, herbs are the perfect choice to optimally exploit the available acreage.


highbed: also a good idea for the balcony


A high bed is not only suitable for being built in the garden. In addition, highbears are also an excellent choice for balconies. Especially if you may not have your own garden, you have so the possibility, yet flowers or, for example, also some vegetables and the limited square that is available to you, properly exploit.

For the balcony, in addition to conventional high-beds,

Of course, multi-storey solutions are also available. In this way, there is more space available for plants without you need additional space.

Depending on the size of the highbeet, which you want to create on your balcony, however, it is important that you keep the weight in view. Because a larger high bed with a corresponding amount of earth can be quite heavy. For safety reasons, you should always be careful not to exceed the carrying capacity of your balcony.



Can you build a high bed yourself?


If you want to create a high bed in your garden, it is of course most easy if you buy a suitable buildinget for this purpose, which matches your ideas. Alternatively, however, you can also build your highbeet yourself if you can bring a little craft skill and can apply the time necessary.

The possibilities available for your highbed brand own construction are numerous. For example, if you decide for stones as a building material, you can basically assume that you need to build your highbed yourself. Another very popular alternative, which proves to be a creative solution in the garden design, is also the construction of a highbeet from pallets.


Long-lasted high beds with stones build themselves


If you want to build a highbed of stones, the preparation of the substrate is particularly important. First of all, the ground must of course be ground level. In addition, you should prepare a suitable foundation for your walls of stones. This can either consist of a compressed layer of gravel and applied sand or made of concrete.

Building the foundation is associated with additional workload. However, it is very important to avoid that your finished highbeet after the construction is bagged due to its high weight with time. Be sure to take the time and do not skip this step.

is the foundation ready, you can set up the stone wall, which serves as a wall of your self-built highbeet, to the desired height. It is imperative that they are carefully approaching and straightening their wall. Otherwise, no sufficient stability is guaranteed later.

Now dress the inside of your finished wall with a suitable slide. For this purpose, use special nub foil or a robust pond foil for this purpose. Now you can fill your highbed and finally start with the plants according to your ideas.


Build creative high beds from pallets yourself


Old wooden pallets are well suited to build a unusual-looking highbeet from them. All you need for this purpose are naturally pallets as well as screws and angle connectors. In addition, you need a wood panel suitable for your construction projects as well as a floor panel as well as foil and wood protection.

Depending on how many pallets you use, you can build high beds in very different sizes. The pallets serve as a rule as side walls and the bottom plate ensures that the earth remains in high bed. You can attach the bottom plate both even soil and elevated to the pallets. Decide for the latter, you need less earth and, on the other, ensure that your high bed from pallets will not be too heavy.

After you have screwed together the pallets as well as the bottom plate firmly, you should necessarily treat the shell of your self-built highbeet with wood protection. In this way, they ensure that the material becomes weather-resistant and its lifespan extends accordingly. After all, you certainly want to enjoy your construction project as long as possible.

is this done and the wood protection dried, you should lose the interior of your highbeet from pallets with foil. Special butt film is very good for this purpose. It protects the wood from the earth from the earth and, among other things, also counteracts a mold of the material.

In the end, you have to fill your self-built high bed from pallets then only fill and plant according to your ideas. If you want, but of course you can also provide it with an additional decoration.

By the way, in order to ensure the highest possible durability, it is recommended to set up the high bed of pallets on the terrace. If you want to place it on the ground in your garden, you will find some sidewalk plates below to increase the life of the wood.


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