20 Pack Lawn Edging Metal 13.5 cm high, 12 m long | Garden edging

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Lawn Edging | Garden edging | 20 Pack Lawn Edging Metal 13.5 cm high, 12 m long


The most important advantages of our metal lawn edging at a glance:

  • Made from a durable and rust-proof aluminium-zinc alloy

  • Easy laying without special tools and special expertise  

  • Flexibly connectable thanks to the Fast-Fix system  

  • High stability due to additional stiffening margin

  • Same-size items for optimal fit

  • If required, laying also possible without corner elements

  • Both as a Lawn Edging and as a bed edging usable

As a hobby gardener, it is of course important to you that your garden is attractively designed and that both the lawn and the beds have a clear structure. To achieve this, it is advisable to use suitable lawn edgings. With our robust metal lawn edging, you can rely on high-quality materials for this purpose, which can impress with both durability and an appealing look.

How lawn edging helps with garden design

Lawn edging is an ideal design element that no garden should be without. By providing your lawn as well as your flower beds with appropriate borders, you ensure a perfect structuring that optimally Packs the scene for your garden.

In addition, with a lawn edging you prevent the uncontrolled spread of grasses into adjacent beds and also ensure that mowing the edge areas of your lawn is easier, so that you can shorten the grass to the desired length over the entire area.

Why our metal lawn edging is the right choice

Of course, high quality is very important to you. With our robust metal lawn edging, you are choosing a product that you can rely on for a long service life. The lawn edgings are made of a special aluminium-zinc alloy. This makes them not only rust-proof, but also particularly stable. 

The individual side pieces of our metal lawn edging slim are 120 centimeters long and 13.5 centimeters wide. The material thickness is 0.9 millimetres and the weight is 1 kilo. This ensures easy handling and the laying of the lawn edging is also very successful on your own. Nevertheless, thanks to the high-quality aluminium-zinc alloy and the integrated stiffening edge, our metal lawn edgings are sufficiently stable to ensure the longest possible service life.

Metal Lawn Edgings as bed edging  

With our robust metal lawn edgings, you can not only border your lawn. Alternatively, you can also use them as bed borders. Metal lawn edgings make it very easy to structure vegetable and flower beds. At the same time, our metal lawn edgings ensure that the roots of plants cannot grow and spread uncontrollably.

Grass edges made of stones and PVC are at a clear disadvantage

If you want to lay lawn edgings or bed borders in your garden, you will inevitably come across products made of PVC. At first glance, these may seem to impress with their low prices. In practice, however, it quickly becomes apparent that PVC is clearly inferior to metal in terms of durability and weather resistance. Accordingly, you have to expect that you will have to replace your PVC lawn edging comparatively quickly.

Stones can certainly be a durable and robust alternative. However, laying them requires a great deal of effort. In addition, many types of stone are relatively expensive, which unnecessarily drives up the cost of your Lawn Edgings.

If you are looking for a good combination of easy installation, long life and a fair price, our metal lawn edgings are therefore without doubt the perfect choice. 

Metal lawn edging is straightforward to install

Our metal lawn edgings not only score points with their attractive appearance and excellent stability. They are also particularly easy to install. The practical Fast-Fix system ensures that the individual parts of your lawn edging can be easily pushed into each other and fixed in place. You need neither expensive special tools nor special manual skills for the assembly.

Of course we will provide you with assembly instructions in which you can easily understand all the necessary work steps.

In addition to side elements, corners, end elements and connectors are also available as accessories in the right size in our shop, so you will find everything you need for laying your lawn edging. By the way, if you want to do without corner elements during installation, this is also possible. Because the special design of the connections makes it possible that a corner can be bent on our lawn edgings even without a corner element.

If the soil conditions in your garden make it necessary, you can also buy ground anchors from us to give your Lawn Edging extra stability so that it maintains its position and does not shift over time. 

Order high-quality metal lawn edging online

Our metal lawn edgings made of aluminium/zinc impress with their appearance as well as their durability. The rust-free parts are perfect for the visual enhancement of your garden with bed edgings or lawn borders.

Purchase our metal lawn edging and matching accessories such as ground anchors, end elements and corners directly in our shop. In addition to favourable prices, you will also benefit from short delivery times and our usual excellent service. But simply make up your own mind. We are convinced that the excellent quality of our products leaves nothing to be desired.

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