Robotic Lawn Mower Storage

Lawn mower garages: reliable protection for the lawn mover robot

Lawn mover robots enjoy increasing popularity. More and more hobby gardeners do not want to give up the practical helpers in the lawn care. This is hardly surprising in view of the time-associated time savings.

In order for the costly acquisition to be optimally protected against the weather, it is urgently recommended to buy directly a suitable lawn mover garage.


The most important advantages of a garage for lawn mover robot

  • The shelter protects the lawn robot from strong rain and hail.

  • The garage protects the lawn robot in front of the sun and thus prevents overheating the battery.

  • The charging station is also protected from moisture, so that short circuits can be avoided.

  • The use of a matching garage carries to one Long life of the lawn mover.


Why a suitable garage is not missing

A good robot can quickly cost well over 500 euros. Some models even beat with more than 1,000 euros. That's a lot of money without a doubt. In view of the enormous labor savings, which can bring a lawn robot, the investment should nevertheless appear worthwhile for many garden owners.

In addition, high-quality devices can generally be able to score with a long service life, so that the regular use is nothing in the way over many years. This applies at least when the device treats carefully and protected against bad weather. The latter can be ensured particularly straightforward with a suitable shelter in the form of a garage for mornery robots.


What distinguishes a good garage for lawn mover robots?

Lawn mover garages are available in numerous different versions. Some hobby gardeners even relies on a home-built shelter. Basically, when buying or self-construction, it is important to ensure that the lawn mover garage consists of robust materials. Because only so is ensured that the shelter offers sufficient protection against storms.

A simple cover made of fabric or even a simple cardboard box are conceivably unsuitable and by no means a good replacement for a real garage. Instead, set for example on models of galvanized metal. With these you can be sure that you do not have to worry about the weather resistance.

Alternatively, a small carport made of wood is also suitable to protect your robot from storm. In this variant, however, you should remember that you probably need to reside the shelter from time to time, as the wood is otherwise weathered.

In addition to metal and wood models, there are also plastic-made garages. Unless the material used has a good quality, also shelters of plastics are weather-resistant and usually quite durable. Especially garages offering manufacturers of lawn mover robots as accessories, are very often made of plastic.


Different types of lawn movers garages

Lawn mover garages are available in different versions. The common models differ not only in the material, but especially in terms of their design.

Buyers of a lawn mover garage can basically choose from three different variants:

  1. Garages where only the front is open

  2. Lawn mover garages in the form of a carport with roof and back wall

  3. Lawn robot garages with a garage door that can be closed

In addition to optical aspects, the decision for a particular design should be considered that the different variants also have differences in terms of their function and protection of the lawn robot. For example, a garage open to three sides facilitates the  robot the entry and exit. At the same time, however, it also offers him a little less protection than a model with three side walls.


How expensive is a garage for lawn mover robot?

Anyone who wants to buy a suitable garage, of course also wants to know what costs he needs to expect. Similar to the lawn movers themselves, the price range is also relatively large for garages.

Cheap models are already available from just under 60 euros. Depending on the material and execution, however, it is easily possible to spend 250 to 300 euros for a lawn mover garage. In general, however, it is not absolutely necessary to invest so much money to get a product in good quality.

The acquisition costs for your new lawn mover garage remain manageable. Regardless, you should remember that the investment is worthwhile. After all, a macotary robot is much more expensive than a matching garage. The protection of the device thus helps you to avoid costly repairs due to damage due to storms.


What speaks against the purchase of a lawn robot garage?

Basically, the numerous advantages of a garage for lawn movers predominate, which is why the purchase of a suitable insidere is definitely a good decision. The additional costs associated with the acquisition are already reimbursed by the fact that the expensive lawn robot is better protected by its garage and thus the probability of damage to the device can thus be significantly reduced.

Of course, it should be considered that the shelter takes some space. Ideally, therefore, a suitable location should already be selected when planning the garden.

Of course, some hobby gardeners believe that the garage affect the overall picture of his garden. For shelves made of plastic that may even be quite votes. Fortunately, there are garages in the form of a small garden cottage to carports, on whose roof flowers can be planted, a very large selection. Therefore, therefore, it should not be too big a problem to find a matching garage for the remote garden design.


Does any Lawn Robot require a garage?

Somerobots are waterproof. Maybe you even have such a model that you can easily free you with the help of a garden hose of dirt as needed. Maybe ask yourself if a garage for your waterproof lawn robot is necessary.

We also advise in this case for the purchase of a suitable insane. Because this protects your robot, for excessive sunlight and also provides additional protection for the robot and the charging station, if a slightly stronger storm occurs.


Select the right location for the lawn robot garage

If you chose a specific garage for your lawn mover robot and bought them, you must set the shelter as Next. So that the device can be charged, the location of the garage must of course on the same location as the charging station of the lawn robot and thus close enough on a power outlet.

Apart from that, it is important that the substrate is as close as possible and, if possible, has no cropping. If necessary, you must therefore process the ground before setting up the insertion. Ideally, they also lay some floor slabs or provided the floor for the lawn mover garage with gravel. The installation on grass is basically possible. However, a plant-free substrate represents an additional protection for your turf robot.


The construction of the lawn mover garage

The expense associated with the construction varies depending on the model. Lawn mover garages made of metal or plastic can usually be set up with just a few simple steps, while wooden shelters are usually supplied in individual parts that need to be assembled. Normally, however, this also succeeds so that the shelter for your lawn robot should be ready for use in a timely manner.


like the macotue robot knows when he should drive to the garage

In order for the weatherproof lawn mover garage to fulfill its purpose.

Of course, it is necessary that the robot knows when to visit his inside. Depending on the device, this works in different ways.

The lawn mover can drive independently to his charging station in the garage when his battery goes to the tilt or he ended his mowing program. Some models are also equipped with a rain sensor. In this case, the robot is looking for its garage independently in the rain.

Did you choose the purchase of a smart robot, you can usually control it comfortably with an app on your smartphone and let it drive in the garage in the case of a catching storm in the garage.


Lawn movers should not only in the garage

Of course, the main task of the garage is to protect the robot from weather influences and avoid damage to the device. This does not mean that he should move around unattended to the garden anytime.

If you have children, for example, and play them on the lawn, they should accommodate their furniture robot for security reasons in the garage. This also applies to the night, since in the dark, nastapping animals are often on the way, for which the robot can also represent a serious risk.


Lawn mover garages offer no protection for the winter

You may be considered if you can not simply leave your lawm movwer robots in your garage in your winter months. That's not a good idea. For on the one hand, the cold can damage the battery and, on the other hand, the moisture in the cold season can cause parts of their turf robot to corrode.

In order to avoid expensive damage and contribute to a long service life, you should not leave your mornery robot in winter in no case in its garage, but well protected and accommodate it dry.


Buy garages for lawn mover robots

If you want to buy a garage for your lawn mover, you will certainly find it with us. Order the right inside completely comfortably in our shop. We offer not only high quality products, but also favorable prices as well as a fast and reliable delivery of your shopping.

But best convince yourself. We are sure that your new lawn mover Garage will leave nothing to be desired with you.